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Exopolitical and Integralist Comments on Steve McIntosh's "Why Centrism Fails and How We can Better Achieve Political Cooperation""

My Comments on Steve McIntosh's "Why Centrism Fails and How We can Better Achieve Political Cooperation" whose link is found at

Steve McIntosh offers a clear and excellent understanding of the current political and ideological quandaries from an evolutionary, integrative perspective and, in my view, his proposals for creatively reconciling polarized ideological camps make sense. I also think that the integrative approach is the coming solution to the excess of polarization endangering society and governing, that is, unless dominant holon-like social factions escaping checks and balances, unless unacknowledged shadows lingering between social developmental levels constituting various types of hidden, unchecked power groups behind the scenes prove so formidable as to subvert the normal cultural evolutionary process.

We must allow faith-based, traditionalist findings to be recognized by modern and post modern ideologues and vice versa. In fact, there already exist values in common but the heroic defense of each other's valid truths or positions blinds in a cognitively disconnecting manner.

Upon overcoming the unnoticed hubris within incipient integrality, unable to see how it has also blocked away important truths from previous stages, I must say that the "Values Integration" path deftly proposed by Steve McIntosh (primarily based upon Ken Wilber's Integral Theory) is not a form of mediocre centrism sometimes understood as a lackluster Middle Ground often indistinctly catering to power and corruption or even to democratic principles as required. Rather, it is more like Aristotle's dynamic and virtuous Golden Mean which can constitute a synergistic, dynamic integration of the best society-building values from different ideological factions accompanied by the negation of the mutual negation of each other's positive values along with their negative ones as practiced today in a dogmatic fashion by polarized ideological social factions.

In fact, for quite some time, I had also been thinking along the same lines but find McIntosh's exposition quite clear and to the point. Seriously recognizing the positive contributions of all cultural ideological factions and associated developmental levels (even previous and beyond the named traditionalist, modernist and postmodernist stages) will also be a "test of integrality." I say this because there still linger important issues that are not well-considered within the integral movement which tends to be too closely aligned with acceptable issues found in cultural evolutionary stages close to the post postmodern. Thus, denials and or suppression or the submersion as subject of what could have been recognized as object a long time ago in important pre-modern traditionalist religious and pre-traditionalist religious stages have also been incorporated in the incipient integral stages of development. But this needs to change in order to provide a truly inclusive integral stage. Divine intervention and the otherworldly are both genuine and necessary issues for a comprehensive Meta Theory that reunites subjectivity and objectivity in the collective and individual across body, mind and spirit.

Besides income inequality, another shadow that lingers on from pre-integral stages is the formation of a kind of de facto oligarchy also hijacking and distorting the normal modern political process to a significant degree, a situation in which many of the largest corporations, the financial sector and some of most powerful families have gained an excessive ascendancy over The People as a multivariate analysis conducted by political scientists Gilens and Page demonstrated.

Besides this, there's the denial and the potential effects of recognizing what truly seems to be the existence of an assorted multi-realm-utilizing, non-human, intelligent presence associated to the truly mysterious aspects of the UFO phenomenon, something which has been either purposefully denied or suppressed due to modern social taboo and/or denied/misunderstood/vilified by some pre-modern, religious fundamentalists. Accepting of the ET presence and/or disclosing this semi-covert presence interacting with thousands (or perhaps millions) worldwide will - naturally - be interpreted according to the various pre-integral developmental perspectives in both positive and negative terms. Furthermore, secret, highly compartmentalized and officially non-existent research on this issue may be related to power groups partially or almost completely outside the purview of normal politics and constitutional checks and balances conforming what Historian Richard Dolan proposes as a "break-away civilization."

Finally, the potential for major enhancements in understanding about the nature of reality in connection to non-human, intelligence is applicable to religions, history, the social sciences, philosophy, law and the hard sciences is significant and not only possibly disruptive but also likely (and perhaps necessary) to stimulate a faster transition into a truly Integral or integrative, "post postmodern" phase.

An integrative recognition of the non-human intelligent presence associated with UFOs is necessary, but also a recognition in the Integrative, post postmodern community leading the way towards cultural reconciliation and a brighter future. This is crucial to assist the healthy intersubjective processing and integration of such a reality among all ideological sectors.

But the Integrative approach also has to evolve, recognizing the importance of the many faces of the otherworldly that was rejected in various ways across the so- called mythic-religious and modern stages of cultural development. This will allow the Integral Movement to wake up from its own unrecognized "myths" and shadows about the past (and hiding crucial aspects of the past), still too closely interpreted under modern and postmodern consciousness, premises, beliefs and methods.

Giorgio Piacenza

Sunday, September 11, 2016


For the ET presence (for which there is abundant evidence) to be accepted without dangerous destructive reactions; for "humanity" to "grow up" and own its responsibilities toward the planet without dependence toward a cosmic community, it would also behoove disclosure activists, researchers and experiencers (already informing society) to understand the role of social and political trends in terms of of human psychology; in other words, to EXPAND their AREAS of INTEREST, beyond simply acknowledging that there are secretive controls groups and interests knowledgeable of the ET presence for their own gain or (for altruistic reasons) in order to protect us.

But perhaps the trend toward revealing a varied ET-multi-reality presence could suffer a non-adaptive reverse if authoritarianism openly takes control of the open and conventional political process. But WHY is authoritarianism increasing in so many countries in the world today? Is it due to an increasing malaise and frustration with current modern systems becoming increasingly dysfunctional even if they are the best of what we've got and - on the whole - they've been instrumental in improving human life over the last centuries in many ways?

Why is healthy conservatism becoming dangerously intolerant? In fact, what are the psychological reasons for which AUTHORITARIANISM has also been steadily increasing in the U.S. and in other countries, perhaps offering a return to order...or to a better past? While a healthy, moderate conservatism is necessary, a diversity-intolerant conservatism turned hyper modern fascism would be a big problem for the healthy, independent appreciation and balanced relationship with the various extraterrestrial presences that have been semi-covertly showing up in moderate measures and of which we have become increasingly aware over the years. A rise in authoritarianism and fascism in order to regain a measure of order in society would contradict the long evolving trend toward freedom and democracy and INCLUSION that has developed with modernity and post-modernity.

So, besides non-democratic, corporate influence skewing a capitalist political economic system into what Professor David Cay Johnston calls a "corporate socialism" endangering democracy and, besides other alleged control groups representing us before the ET situation with an excessive militaristic mindset because - as hypotheses go - we can't handle the truth of a multi dimensional/multi-reality ET presence, what else if happening? What can social science tell us?

Well, we don't just experience an evolutionary trend in values, methods, attitudes, technology, social systems as is often declared by Integral Theory enthusiasts. We also already have other regularities; natural psychological tendencies; our personal psychological types leaning toward a more liberal or a more conservative approach to thinking, feeling, reacting and politics and we really need to understand this. And individuals polarized and excessively fragmented by virtue of ideologies and doctrines exploiting these tendencies need to recognize what is of value in each other's falsely irreconcilable main truths in order to understand each other as different instruments in concert. Thus, I recommend to look into the work of cognitive and moral psychologists and, in particular, a video explanation by moral cognitive psychologist JONATHAN HAIDT, recorded in a lecture given at the American Psychological Association. The link:

Instead of jumping in to denigrate each other's political responses thus further increasing social polarization and the dangers of social chaos and a gradual involution and loss of many measures of human emancipation gained during the modern era, let's learn more about our own evolutionary and psychological tendencies in relation to human our MORAL PSYCHOLOGY, our own preferred attraction to some ideologies and value systems, general themes which we naturally feel inclined to accept and incorporate among the alternatives offered in the particular society we have been born into. And, from this, let's attempt to find the healthy versions of such tendencies, liberal or conservative. In the end of his lecture Haidt offers some advice on ways that improve reconciliation for society to become less fragmented.

We need to know why we think and feel as we do; to appreciate our own psychological type while appreciating the type(s) that complete our moral-political approach. Knowing about moral psychology can assist us in not jumping toward mutually dismissive judgement of each other using a barrage of mostly unconscious and automatic cognitive filters and biases. We need to know not just why healthy conservatives and liberals capable of listening and learning from each other are necessary but also that in times of great uncertainty some may develop a tendency to turn to the latest variants of fascism for solutions and a return to order. Their need for security and order is instinctively met by the clear-cut offers of a successful, strong leader, deftly seeking attention and often promising simple, straightforward solutions that resonate with frustration and passion.

But if intolerance of diversity is implicitly or explicitly condoned, a more primitive exacerbation of exclusivity and "right vs wrong" can ensue making society extremely frozen into the structures approved by the leader(s), also making contacts with what could be deficiently called "non-Earth civilizations" increasingly difficult. Moreover, individuals in a controlled society having to line up with a strict way of thinking may end up attracting through their own lack of trust, ideology and fear negative and control-based extraterrestrial civilizations while human xenophobia is strengthen. On the other hand, a healthy conservative attitude would serve more "open-minded" liberals not to be excessively open to everything and anyone that comes from space our way makes sense and is also needed to be more critical and responsible. We need each other. Healthy liberal and healthy conservatives need each other.

These issues should be important to UFO researchers, contactee-experiencer researchers, exopolitical intellectuals and for disclosure activists because, without understanding of social and psychological processes, how else can they constructively add valuable memes into the "acceptable" political mix of ideas especially when culture is polarized under culture wars and competing camps without understanding why we are as we are? If we are more conversant with the political and social controversies of our time, specially in relation to human psychology and to the constructive value of both conservative and liberal voices we'll be able to dialogue more in the 'mainstream' that conforms the largest segments in need of knowledge and assurance.

Society must be prepared for more disclosure but perhaps polarization should also be lessened first so as to open up minds releasing their self-defensive attitudes allowing them to open up to vaster possibilities challenging certain cultural certainties and narratives; an opening lessening the shock of the more unyielding conservatives without turning many liberals into wide-eyed believers. So there's a need for balance, for spirituality and critical thinking at once and a need for considering the whole range of options and information about these subjects. There's also a serious need for acknowledging each other's truths and for finding ways to connect them as part of a wider understanding, one that is inclusive of what we have but which also is beyond modernity, post modernity, conventional science and religion, even while gradual disclosure of the ET presence continues on its own and on a personal level as more information and forms of evidence keep coming out.

The current course of social and political organization based on certain modern premises has been extraordinary in the history of humanity, alleviating pain and suffering, educating more people, liberating them from autocratic dictatorships, providing freedom of expression, greater social mobility, longer lives, a decrease in poverty, the eradication of slavery, international agreements and so on, but it seems that there's a new and more complex confluence of situations challenging the continuity and stability of those victories of the "human adventure;" organizations and values seem to be becoming less effective. I think that this is because modernity still relied on premises of separation which do not serve to build a new political system in a more politically interconnected world. And both conventional science and Western religion while correct in many ways also emphasize analysis and difference of separate things.

Even God is thought to be separate due to His unreachable sovereignty which is correct but also part of a more comprehensive truth. And, in order to be based on classical logic and observation of exterior objects so as to become independent of the over reach of religious interpretation, modern science was also based on paradigms excessively structured by the concept of separation. But now we are reaching a limit and are overcoming this impediment; restricting separation to the domains where it belongs while discovering that there is a more fundamental connectivity that harmonizes subjectivity and objectivity. We need to know that the cosmos and life and us participating in it are more vitally structured by connectivity than by separation and we need to seriously respect that fact in order to responsibly (and not just out of personal need and taste) build a more plausible political system. So it behoove us to understand the principle of complementarity and integrative thinking allowing us to link what used to be irreconcilable.

Thus, culture(s) and the organization of society now require a more connective approach, yes, one that recognizes the value of classical science to discover the patterns of stable physical structures which themselves can be modified and manipulated by a deeper, information and consciousness-based reality. We need to extend modern science and the values derived from philosophy, tradition and religion under a connective understanding that recognizes all truths that have come before.

For us to collectively accept a complex extraterrestrial presence with sovereignty we really need to grow up into a more inclusive and connective understanding aligned with the fundamental role of consciousness; an understanding inclusive of physical matter but also beyond it. We need to evolve individually and collectively in UNDERSTANDING to stop fighting each other and stop being so destructive to animals and plants eating away our natural resources without knowing how to moderate our continued competitive production, consumption and limitless growth. But for this we also need a connective and TRANSDISCIPLINARY, INTEGRATIVE approach (inclusive of a transdisciplinary, integrative FELT sentiment and sense about reality). We sorely need a serious and sustained educational campaign that incorporates the "multi dimensional" in order to explain how we are indeed non-classically interconnected.

Hopefully, moral and cognitive psychology also provides some of the keys that we should know about to decrease a social-ideological polarization which, by turning us more segmented and intolerant of each other, in the search of competing solutions to our current situation escaping linear thinking is endangering the continuation of long-term, emancipatory, freedom-based gains and the future of a more humane and enhanced form of democracy itself.
Giorgio Piacenza

Thursday, September 1, 2016

CONTACTS OF PEACE, Human Development and Democracy

Gradual, direct, peaceful contacts with benevolent extraterrestrials based on God's cosmic principle of Love including Unity, Reason and Integral Principles is highly convenient, reasonable and aligned with America's original and highest purposes. Through Truth and Education (what genuine statesmen should be really pursuing) this alignment (which should be implemented as a matter of policy) opens a society in trouble to re-generate itself via our deepest, inherent human possibilities and does so in order to adequately engage in a serious life-enhancing, educational process and the evolution of cultures and civilizations beyond modernity, post modernity and the current disarray towards a non-extraterrestrial-dependent, but co-creative future with cosmic civilizations and a major, constructive cultural shift that recognizes the positive and universal truths in all earth-based planetary cultures, involving the further positive development of freedom and the democratic approach.

This is not only possible but superior to the paradigm of other forms of relationship perhaps with needier civilizations in exchange of technology whilst maintaining in secrecy (for altruistic, patriotic and for non-altruistic reasons) the same old mentalities and status quo based on the illusion of separation, a sense of scarcity, xenophobia, demanding mutual control, dynamic-but-mutually- canceling competition, mutual exploitation and a continuous lack of trust within and without sentient beings, manifesting life-diminishing atomizing contradictions in ever more complex ways, relying without end on external solutions of 'control' rather than on the creative discovery of universal, multi-reality, sentient connectivity. 

It would really behoove genuine democrats that want the best for their country and for humanity and also whoever remains in this world as a non-cynical lover of Truth and Freedom to see what's at stake here: The continuity of local societies flourishing together and, therefore, of a greater planetary society flourishing all in greater peace, harmony and self-determination or more elaborate forms of technocratic control based on mutually competing elites, perhaps themselves under the conscious and unconscious control of service-to-self extraterrestrial and spiritual forces. Will the benefits brought forth by the great axial religions and then modernity over the long haul find themselves at their wits end mired in a pre-integral separation mindset or shall we rise to the challenge in our ever more interconnected world?

The choice to move beyond our paradigmatic, self-identity, mutually exclusive, local, cultural comfort zones and to grow up towards affinity with the 'pattern that connects' and its fundamental principles ultimately springing from God-Truth-LOVE-Universal Peace and Essence of Mind, the "Original Nature," Non-Duality, Great Mystery, Presence, Sat Nam, Allah, that "Source" ultimately unifying most religious doctrines... is in each one of us sustaining us. Knowing that it is possible and that we can make it is the good news now. Recognizing (and doing what it takes) to improve direct, conscious, conversant, mutually-respectful contacts with humble and straightforward, humanly-unique, extraterrestrial-extradimensional beings like Antarel, Godar and Oxalc...humble and respectful (and not perfect) in spite of their technology, knowledge and development should be important for freedom and democracy lovers right now and in the long run. And it begins with a deep contact with ourselves in that place of wholeness, LIFE, without fear, beyond words can truly describe, the inspiration of master Jesus the Christ trusting his dear Father...the inspiration of all masters humble to God's Light, Power and Wisdom.

I'm not saying that all ETs are this or that. The situation is vast and complex. The reasons why they don't show up more openly in a sustained fashion, the exopolitical relationships among them and their reasons for collapsing spacetime and briefly interacting with us in a detectable manner is vast and complex. But we should try to relate with all of them based in the peace and good will stemming from Ultimate Principle so as not to be caught up into manipulations among ourselves, or deficient "us toward them" or "them toward us" separation-based perspectives. We must learn to generate mutually beneficial exopolitical relationships, simultaneously  respected by all kinds of extraterrestrial civilizations including assisting them without being manipulated. Questions regarding contact with other members of a vast array of civilizations quite likely manifesting among us according to contactees, whistleblowers, experiencer information research and surveys are also to be carefully considered so as not to fall into a continuation of an "us vs them," mutually entrapping mindset.  

Emphasizing contact with more conversant and gentle extraterrestrials that have behaved in protective and objectively verifiable ways is important, more convenient and necessary in spite of a popular entertaining emphasis on negative abduction accounts, aggressive reptilian overlords and the like. Gradually (but not too slowly) increasing and verifying human-extraterrestrial 'contacts of peace' would be part of the discoveries and the healing we collectively need so as to enhance our inner and shared narratives, our awareness and interpretive paradigms, our already unnecessarily disconnected concepts, our logic and feelings of belonging and leading to a new politics and economics and to a healthier relationship among us, with non-earth human beings, other planetary intelligent beings, including multi-reality-capable beings and the correspondence between Inner-Outer truths and nature. 

These "contacts of peace" must be harmonizing and liberating. They must empower individual members to follow their inner guidance and be able to voluntarily coordinate with others in a more coherent way. It is not a "follow the leader" or a "follow the contactee" cult. Neither a deifying of extraterrestrials who will try to assist without doing the work for us or solving our key problems. They must be rational and reasonable, verifiable, mutually respectful, simple, straightforward, kindly-intended and sensible.There must be methods for facilitating the possibility of contact through which more individuals can participate and experience it for themselves. Intuition and the possibility of democratic coherence develops. And we must learn from each other when each person's best understanding is shared sincerely for the benefit of all, assisting in healing and overlooking non-fundamental mistakes as much as possible. 

The efforts of pioneer Paola Harris to give credit and to objectively validate the reality of benevolent ET presences like the "Apunians" (in fact another form of "people" and humanity) should be sincerely emulated, not just for the advancement of "science," but for altruistic reasons in order to increase the presence and sharing of Love which truly humanizes us toward our full human potential.

                                               Master Jesus Christ Voice of God

Padmasambhava, a master that also inspired me to write this
                                              Ricardo & Paola
Antarel, the Tessaract, Minius, Co-Creation
                          Simple, well-intentioned people and the right 
                                heart-coherent effort is what it takes

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AN EXOPOLITICAL ANALYSIS Based on Dr. James W. Deardorff's “Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth”

Dr. James.W. Deardorff, a Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science published “Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth” in the Royal Astronomical Society, Quarterly Journal (ISSN 0035-8738), vol. 27, March 1986, p. 94-101.  Its online link is found at
Dr. Deardorff’s Summary in “Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth” reads as follows:
“The arguments are reviewed which hold that our Galaxy is nearly saturated with extraterrestrial life forms, that our existence requires in hindsight that they were and are benevolent toward us, and that our lack of detection of them or communications from them implies that an embargo is established against us to prevent any premature knowledge of them. An inconsistency is detected, in that any sudden lifting of the embargo in a manner obvious to the public would cause societal chaos and possibly touch off a nuclear exchange, while any communications received via radio telescope would likely be either quickly confiscated by government agencies and not revealed to the public, or heavily censored. The inconsistency is that the advanced civilization should be expected to have planned some other strategy, if it is actually benevolent, experienced and intelligent.

It follows that any embargo not involving alien force must be a leaky one designed to allow gradual disclosure of the alien message and its gradual acceptance on the part of the general public over a very long time-scale. A possible strategy for their accomplishing is proposed.”

Dr. Deardorff should be considered a pioneer in exopolitical thinking. As he suggests, advanced extraterrestrial intelligence may abound in the galaxy and UFO evidence suggests that it is quite reasonable to suppose that it is already here operating here on Earth. However, it would be operating under its own terms while using a technology that – under our prevailing understanding – would seem surreal or like “magic.” Dr. Deardorff also explores the idea that societies which develop practical interstellar ‘travel’ may have a tendency to overcome self-destructive behavior and would operate under a more comprehensive ethics respectful of less developed civilizations and that, for this reason, they might not be willing to unequivocally disclose their presence to humanity until we become capable of handling it.

If extraterrestrial life abounds in the galaxy (as it is becoming ever more probable under conventional astronomical research on exoplanets) and some of it is – relatively speaking – at least 100’s of years more technologically advanced than Earth’s humanity, these intelligent life forms may find ways to overcome spacetime limitations (including vast distances, inertia and energy constraints) in a way that would seem ‘magical’ and even ‘impossible’ to many of us. In fact, it would particularly seem way to ‘weird’ and ‘magical’ (and thus completely non-credible) to scientists required to operate with classical, scientifist, materialist, objective mindsets under a politically and socially controlled mainstream institutions expressing a culture that reflects a sense of superiority by distinguishing itself from previous magical and religious ways of ‘making sense’ of reality.
However, the best objective UFO and contactee evidence gathered from around the globe in over 7 decades (an evidence which can be segmented into various categories that reinforce each other) also scientifically and reasonably adds up and provides credence to some version of the “extraterrestrial hypothesis” and, to a sufficiently informed, intelligent, open-minded person, it also reasonably indicates the likelihood that one or more technologically advanced non-human intelligences are already here and, furthermore, perhaps interacting in various semi-covert ways with our planetary and societal systems.

If being able to achieve practical interstellar “travel” is accompanied by a TENDENCY to overcome intra-culture, destructive divisions, these extraterrestrial civilizations (or at least most of them) might be underscored in various degrees by a basically shared, post magical and post classical form of ethical thinking, perhaps essentially based on a practical emphasis on cooperation itself relying on the recognition of an intrinsic level of connectivity fundamental to the existence of physical reality whilst within and beyond it. Thus (perhaps after carefully monitoring our species and its social and psychological responses and after some initial attempts at open contact perhaps during the Eisenhower Administration and early “contactee era” in the 1950’s), in order not to destructively disrupt human society, they (one or more extraterrestrial groups) might generally have chosen to act under a “strategy” which could be called an “embargo strategy” or, more precisely, a “leaky embargo strategy.” They would try to avoid social disruption by gradually manifesting to various persons around the globe without doing it in unequivocal ways that cannot not be plausibly denied by prevailing scientists and other cultural leaders closely associated with effective political power.

The extraterrestrial intelligences enforcing this “embargo” would, nonetheless, also realize that humanity – as a complex living system and “holon” - has reached a threshold in which there’s a need to acknowledge the truth about its origins and position in the cosmic scheme of things in order to evolve into a unified planetary and cosmic civilization which understands itself as participating within an even grander and interrelated cosmic whole.
Perhaps amidst a divided world in which the UN only represented a forum for independent nation-states, as the leader of the most advanced nation-state on Earth President Eisenhower was - in the minds of extraterrestrial representatives - the most adequate person to establish formal contact with. Perhaps for them, his response would weigh heavily on what course of action to proceed.  Perhaps they recognized the need for worldwide education and disclosure but understood that the procedure would depend upon this President's reply. Thus, maybe even after heeding to President Eisenhower’s alleged rejection of leading an educational, paradigm-shifting revelation of the ET presence inclusive of its operative cosmic principles, these ETs decided to continue “leaking” away their presence in a way that would still allow ruling cultural elites to deny, suppress or rationalize it while gradually cajoling the rest of society to acknowledge them.    

I posit that most or all extraterrestrials capable of overcoming spacetime limitations to practical, long distance interstellar ‘travel’ also enjoy a share, basic ethical understanding and way of thinking, feeling, being and acting which is today quietly arising on Earth in some quarters but which is still not prevalent. It is a step closer to unity and non-dual existence and may express in different forms. For instance, emphasizing a feeling-based, ethical perspective, it could be called a “fourth dimensional level of consciousness” as shared by contactee Sixto Paz Wells. It may also be associated with a higher cognitive capacity as a “5th, 6th (or higher) Order of Consciousness,” as Harvard developmental psychologist Robert Kegan proposes. A “trans systemic,” “multi systemic” or “complex” form of epistemological understanding should be required (“complex” meaning “interwoven” as proposed by French philosopher Edgar Morin). Some of these advanced thinkers emphasize the deep feeling of respect, love and interconnectivity associated with this level of sentient evolution but this level also provides other aspects such as the required meta theoretical or structural map, greater self-identity inclusivity and more inclusive ways of valuing. A humanity, civilization or species cohesive and respectful of its own members and correspondingly protective of its planetary base would have achieved the initial stage of this level of development.

Furthermore, accepting multiple realities, psychic powers and the extraterrestrial presence should also eventually be a crucial part of this so-called “Second Tier” level of development in consciousness or in the capacity for thinking, feeling, being, integrating and disclosing reality co-creatively as proposed by integrative and evolutionary philosopher Ken Wilber. Some individuals may be at ease with the feeling-based aspect or with the psychic, paranormal and extraterrestrial aspects but not with the intellectual aspects coming together in this level of development but, eventually, all of these aspects should be integrated in the human body-mind-spirit complex to wisely relate with our ET “visitors.”

Individuals operating under this (now largely segmented but steadily emerging) level of human development emphasized by these and other thinkers at the forefront of cultural awareness would also have to feel resonant with the non-physical valuing the crucial importance of the existence of multiple interactive realities. By comprising the importance of the psychic, the “paranormal,” the non-physical and the forthcoming universally recognized extraterrestrial presence (the latter unfolding under its own “transdimensional” (or trans-reality) terms we may be able to activate transdimensional technologies and practically overcome physical limitations and along with it the primitive mindset of intrinsic separation that goes with it. Again, promoting the psychic and otherworld as per human faculties and understanding may be quite necessary in order to function “transdimensionally” and to understand what our cosmic “visitors” are about and doing whether it doesn’t coincide with prevailing academic attitudes and expectations. We would need to be at ease with how the non-physical can be used to manipulate the physical. Perhaps non-physical "dimensions" overlap spacetime physical ones interiorly and a two-way exchange is possible. 

Dr. Deardorff’s “leaky embargo” hypothesis is probably connected with extraterrestrial disclosure exopolitician Stephen Bassett’s concept of a “truth embargo” quite likely performed and perpetuated under intelligence and counter-intelligence parameters by powerful (both non-constitutional and semi-constitutional) elements within (and associated to) the U.S. Government and in cahoots with a few other major world governments in association with military-industrial and specific secretive civilian power elites. This “truth embargo” would have occurred after an initial minor level of admittance or of ‘disclosure’ was allowed in tentative ways by a few government representatives in the 1940’s and 1950’s. 

The “leaky embargo” hypothesis allegedly conducted by extraterrestrials may also be associated with the idea of there being “secret government” factions amicable to a gradual disclosure or educational process through movies and other means (some of which may have been overtaken by the strategy to over-present extraterrestrials as hostile in order to prepare the public to eventually declare a false-flag invasion). This may be due to the fact that – at least since Eisenhower’s alleged first contact (in 1955 at Muroc/Edwards AFB) with a benevolent ET group not willing to hand out technology whilst proposing the suppression of nuclear explosions - there could be a coincidence or concordance between secret, gradual exopolitical disclosure policy (with a spin) and the extraterrestrials policy of gradually disclosing their own presence. This is indeed a complicated situation in which “those in the know” appear to operate perpetuating archaic, “us vs. them,” power-group-competing levels of consciousness.  

Dr. Deardorff’s “leaky embargo” hypothesis would also relate with disclosure and civilian contact activist extraordinaire Dr. Steven Greer and his strong position on the universal benevolence of all extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. This would be given that in “Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth” Dr. Deardorff lends credence to C. Sagan and W.I. Newman’s idea that civilizations with a long history might have “impediments against cosmic imperialism and perhaps a Codex Galactica to educate the younger societies on how to behave. Moreover, Dr. Deardorff also echoes astronomer and cosmologist E.R Harrison’s idea that there might exist a “biogalactic law" wherein civilizations which are destructively aggressive tend (my emphasis) to wipe themselves out in the solar system of their birth and do not go on to colonize the galaxy.” However, in the latter case, the word “tend” is important because it is not used to allude to an unequivocal outcome. In other words, some advanced ET civilizations may have avoided self-destruction by strengthening an ethics of internal or intra-cultural, intra-societal coherence but nonetheless be possessed by an expansive nature or other influential elements from their own developmental history that lead them to attempt overtaking other planetary civilizations.

However in Dr. Deardorff’s article there’s a chapter titled “The Degree of Extraterrestrial Benevolence,” in which he highlights that, due to a huge number of civilizations and hugely varying degrees of evolution expected a “wide range of extraterrestrial benevolence should be expected.” He refers to the possibility that “some small fraction of the races in the Galaxy could well be considered hostile by us but be held in check by one or several more benevolent civilizations which for some reason have an interest in either the planet Earth or its inhabitants” and I tend to find this position reasonable. It doesn’t blindly over idealize the extraterrestrial presence or condemns it and quite favorably corresponds with some credible, previous and contemporary contactee messages such as those by Sixto Paz Wells and Ricardo Gonzalez. Moreover, it seems to also correspond well with some of the statistical findings in the four part survey conducted by the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research on Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) in that most of their ET encounters are (thus far by June 2016) not considered as “negative” by experiencer survey respondents. Additionally, the fact that – as far as we know - we have not been overtly invaded, enslaved, attacked or destroyed by an ET civilization could not only be due to the fact that most do not wish act like that but to the possibility that there might be a monitoring, policing and protective alliance preventing rogue extraterrestrial elements from doing it. 

If we consider valid the aforementioned “leaky embargo” hypothesis and also valid some of Dr. Michael E. Salla’s research on the various alleged secret space programs (based on alleged whistleblower testimony), it would seem that some of the extraterrestrial groups associated with at least some of these space program developments would resonate with a more classic form of dichotomous, conflicting and highly polarized human behavior. This would seem to contradict the expectation that beings capable of overcoming spacetime limitations would operate under a more inclusive form of consciousness, logic and ethics but, on the other hand, it might be that we are dealing with entities that sufficiently operate at that level by maintaining internal societal cohesion in a mental manner and still be able to operate transdimensionally to varying degrees by over-relying on consciousness-enhanced technology, even if some may have disconnected their feelings and other qualities also associated with higher levels of consciousness and development.

If – regarding some of the more recent whistleblower stories or, rather, I’d say…sagas - we are not dealing with a typical movie-like, American space age, male fantasy or with some sort of counter-intelligence disinformation combined with some genuine disclosures and/or leaks, some of the ETs would have supplied technology to covert human groups extending classical militaristic human behavior into a post classical space-age. This may or may not be true. There might be actual perceptions of truth talking past each other. I’m attempting to analyze many possibilities without a fixed mindset.

Parts of of the more incredible warring stories by alleged whistleblowers like Randi Cramer and Corey Goode may have been validated by other perhaps more credible whistleblowers like William Mills Tompkins and Clark Mc Clelland. If these reports represent facts (reports which include secret space programs from different human factions also conflicting with each other) at least some of the extraterrestrials associated with some or all of different secret space programs would also represent what has been known as a “service-to-self” mode of being and perhaps others would simply be limited to a level of evolution still too close to old-fashion warring human tendencies. The secret access to initial-level, transdimensional technologies would have linked us with low-level, conflicted ETs.

In spite of serious critics against the "negative ET hypothesis" like Dr. Steven Greer (doing a great job in many respects), the existence of negative ETs or what could be called "service-to-self" extraterrestrials is not only implied in sagas like the Mahabharata but also mentioned by several contactees like Sixto Paz Wells, Ricardo Gonzalez and, more recently by Alejandro Gonzalez and Erick Romero from Mexico. In such cases, these ETs would also be operating "transdimensionally" under a more inclusive form of science and logic, but their negativity would not impede them to do this. Moreover, according to several contact accounts, the logic by which even these extraterrestrials varieties operate force them to respect free will once they have not been able to cajole, deceive or paralyze in fear. 

If we are not simply anthropocentrically projecting all-to-human, war-like expectations on extraterrestrials, then at least some aspects of the alleged secret space programs would have attracted extraterrestrials groups with unresolved human-like problems. It could be an issue of “like attracts like.” Yet still, some other ET groups might have pressing needs such as physical, mental, and reproductive atrophies for which they may have taken upon themselves to utilize human resources obtaining some sort of permission or leniency in exchange for technology. In this latter category might be ET groups associated with President Eisenhower’s alleged 1955 second physical encounter at Holloman AFB after he had allegedly rejected in 1954 the educational offer given by a more service-to-others, benevolent extraterrestrial group of ambassadors. 

What to believe about the variety of interpretations regarding the ET presence? Recent experiencer-contactee polls suggest that MOST ET contacts are not regarded as "negative" by experiencer-contactees. As in many complex things in actual, practical experience, it may not be an issue of "either-or" but of "both-and." There are many preferences, beliefs and positions within the ufological, experiencer, experiencer research, disclosure and exopolitical communities and we need to be careful not to offhandedly dismiss positions that – due to our own preferences - seem preposterous. Although some information might actually be wrong and some might be disinformation, we need to be able not to react offhandedly for or against these within the disclosure, UFO, exopolitics, experiencer and experiencer research communities. We need to be able to withhold judgment until we have reasonably sufficient information, especially if these explanations appear to conflict with ours. We must avoid becoming “compartmentalized” or “boxed-in” within our preferred interpretations about the whole phenomenon, ourselves unsuspectedly acting like the very closed-minded academics we often criticize for offhandedly dismissing conventional non-conventional ufological evidence and explanations.

ET groups seem to come with many inherent tendencies, needs and intentions. besides being able to function under a deeper understanding of connectivity, they may have overcome their own self-destructive, internal disagreements by various means like genetic engineering out strong emotions, becoming less individualistic or exerting telepathic social control. If we accept the often shared message that they are normally clearly divided into "service-to-self" ("dark" or spiritual energy-absorbent) and "service-to-others" ("radiant" or spiritual energy-emitting) behavioral-existential modes while Earth humanity is unique in that it holds both polarities in an indeterminate manner, our leap forward may require us to demonstrate a way of transcending extreme polarization without losing spiritual-ethical sentiments or feelings and other subtle "heart-based" human qualities that many extraterrestrial civilizations seem to have lost in various degrees.

Would extraterrestrials not amicable with the highest possible intentions for humanity still be able to come in and interact? Would some of them be acceptable while others possibly harmful? If there were a quarantine imposed on Earth, it may not apply to close-to-human-behavior, conflict-ridden, ET factions (and possible intra terrestrial associates) if they had already been active on Earth before the imposition of that quarantine. They would have a “right” to nonetheless interact with us, albeit with the provision that their actions do not exceed the boundaries that would prevent all other extraterrestrial forces from pursuing their goals. I understand that the last few paragraphs are plain exopolitical speculation but, nonetheless, it is based on the plausible information presented by research such as Dr. Salla’s, a research in which several whistleblower sources with various degrees of credibility (although some may originate in counter intelligence efforts) seem to coincide. 

Extraterrestrial battles among opposing extraterrestrial groups may be a reality (albeit with multiple degrees of crudeness and sophistication) among transdimensionally functional civilizations IF they are able to follow more meta systemically complex and inclusive rules of engagement. This situation might have been extended to extraterrestrial-related, secret space programs especially if officially non-existent, technological elite groups have obtained their technology by making contact with ET groups closer to human mental and behavioural patterns.

There may be reasonable and truthful ways to harmonize various allegedly irreconcilable extreme views regarding what can be considered by some a plausible or alleged presence whilst by others an actual and obvious extraterrestrial presence. I hope to have been able to illustrate how Dr. James W. Deardorff’s “leaky embargo” hypothesis still provides us with a general conceptual, non-extremist, reconciling interpretive context useful to conceptually harmonize many exopolitical possibilities.

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Mision Rahma

The Mision Rahma contacts (and affine contact groups) began in 1974. They are relational, not curiosity-based. Established to create fraternity and community among individuals and between humans and extraterrestrial friends. The focus is not particularly on obtaining evidence or research or to show the world that it is real. 

Meditations are spontaneous, according to how individuals resonate, coordinate and come together based on what they feel, rather spontaneously. However, working together as a group can be demand a lot of sacrifice and effort and long meditations, trekking, travelling, dieting. There are several "antennas" or conscious telepathic and psychographic receivers, NOT "channelers" as in possessed and voice-speaking. 

There is not a "follow-the-leader" situation...for the most part. The mindset is not intellectual but build a mental community. It is about working with these ETs as members of a living system of souls. It uses the development of the will, purification of the mind and body and the development of telepathy and other psychic capacities. It takes effort, patience and dedication. 

It is about SERVICE to receive lost information about history (earth and cosmic), assist in connecting places in Mother Earth's etheric energy matrix, activate DNA, share information with people resonating with this work, gradually accept responsibility to represent our planet before a very large cosmic council and assisting ETs that are positive but which made many mistakes in the past and now want to recuperate their spiritual capacity which is specially strong in humankind ...surpassing theirs because we have combined genes not only from Earth but from several of the most advanced extraterrestrial worlds, so we have a creative capacity to connect three fundamental types of universes. 

It is about working with the Great White Brotherhood of Earth and with the 24 Elder of the Galaxy and about constructively reconnecting two time frames that are intersecting now. 

I'm suggesting that more evidence be allowed for the world outside of the Rahma contact groups and some was given to Paola Harris and to Michael Salla. Ra represents the Light, the Sun, the Cosmos. Ma represents Mother Earth (a living entity we must care and love) and the H is humanity acting as a link between. 

The mission is Christ-oriented in that the intention is to uphold the original Cosmic Plan for humanity on Earth in which the Christ Logos intended to create a humanity that, in spite of many odds against, would give an original example of LOVE to older extraterrestrial civilizations stuck in an excessively mental way of life. This humanity has the hidden potential to connect the three types of universes: Physical, Mental and Spiritual but The Plan was severely opposed by some beings. 

Read here about some of the information received on an alleged forgotten history:

Here is another very similar version

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The issue is: What fundamental shifts in our ways of thinking and in our cultural development might be necessary to more openly interact with advanced intelligent extraterrestrial beings not as restricted to spacetime as we are?

What might their prevalent logical processes be? 

Will they function under an integrative perspective that transcends and unifies the metaphysical positions over which we are fighting each other on Earth?

This is an exploratory, multi-aspect, integrative exploration proposed to deepen our culture-building conversations beyond dichotomous and antagonistic opinion taking and opinion bashing about belief systems, the ET presence, incompatible views about the nature of reality, and other such important matters.    

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Making UFO and Experiencer Information More Reasonable through Heuristic Thinking Processes

Making UFO and Experiencer Information More Reasonable through Heuristics Thinking Processes


Giorgio Piacenza

Basic Reflections

I think that, in order for the almost completely verified reality of an intelligent extraterrestrial presence manifesting already here on Earth to show up more openly, there has to be greater collective and cultural receptivity to it. Besides more numbers of people in general, their cultural leaders, such as academics, political leaders and religious leaders also first need to be attitudinally open to the possibility that a unique, non-classical form of semi-covert but moderately provocative human-otherworldly interaction is indeed taking place. This means that it may not be sufficient to want to understand this exclusively in a normal, physically intuitive or classical-objective, excluded-middle logic, “rational” manner. As the intelligences behind the phenomena seem to both provoke some curiosity in us and then to elude us (as if wanting us to adapt to their presence), it also appears that – for them to manifest unequivocally - it would be imperative for us to respond with a proper mental and collective attitude. If they are using a forms of post- conventional “transdimensional” or “trans-reality” science in which subjectivity plays a major role in creating macro-scale, inter-reality physical effects as per certain types of spacetime manipulations, mental openness, rather than closed-mindedness could be the missing ingredient they are waiting for.

Since their form of advanced “inter-reality” science may crucially interact with subjectivity in a pre-physical information realm or information “space” in which our subjectivities must also meet (perhaps for the particular spacetime construct they might inhabit to coincide with ours and for open, unequivocal, exchanges to occur), the degree of our essential subjective resonance reflected in our attitudes must first match or coincide with theirs to allow for a more stable interaction. In fact, unreasonable attitudes (basically not wanting to know) and dismissing possibilities may the evolution of coherent interactions among what could be temporarily called “coincident quantum superpositions.” Without this, the necessary socially constructive and constructive rational processes that would follow (both in conventional and in post-conventional-integrative-transrational ways) would not ensue.  

Many testimonies of alleged human-ET interactions have for more than seven decades suggested that we also need to understand that – besides real physical data - important aspects of the UFO phenomenon and of human-ET interactions necessarily involve subjective and intersubjective experiences when those interactions between realities or worlds seem to manifest in such a way that they overcome spacetime barriers. This may be why interaction with the subconscious mind and with universal archetypal symbols also is a frequently recognized phenomenon. This might mean that, prior to coming to grips with a “final collective proof” or high degree of evidence widely accepted by most segments of society, more culturally influential persons need to feel predisposed to accept that possibility. Thus, attitude would be paramount. We need to be more reasonable about the ever-mounting evidence first in order to be able to assimilate its meaning and then to deal with it in a truly constructive manner. 

Since aggregate collective evidence of the reality of human-ET interactions is rationally available for neutral truth-seekers willing to take a careful, multi-category look and, since also without the proper attitude that evidence may be collectively experienced simply as if it were funny-and-curious-but-irrelevant and/or unnecessary and, even, inexistent, there seems to be a need to first overcome the attitudinal problem.

That which is seriously considered as “real” and then as “important” is first recognized as possibly “real” and “reasonable” and that which is considered as “reasonable” is more connected subjective elements than with third-person, data management using steadfast logic or cold, distant, abstract and 'objective' rationality. Thus, to be rational here would require changing our previous irrational assessments. And, in order to facilitate a greater degree of openness perhaps, serious experiencers, exopoliticians, disclosure activists, UFO and contactee researchers could increase their chances of being seriously regarded by other crucial members of society by being able to utilize reasoning processes that work on the possible and probable through a conjunction of logic and subjective assessment; not just based on pure classic, rational logic but processes which also “make sense” as reasonable recommendations in part related with subjective attitudes. These would be “heuristic thinking processes.”

The importance of the ‘reasonable’ and of attitudes rests in that these elements of general reasoning are more coupled (in a spectrum that involves all forms of reasoning processes) with subjectivity and intersubjectivity than with the impersonal search for objective logical relationships, exterior objective regularities or the use of objectively disconnected classical logic. Moreover, improving the attitudinal aspects of the overall reasoning process would be a major first step required to begin to understand a post-conventional class of phenomena in which its more primordial, "real physics" appears to be inextricably linked with subjectivity and intersubjectivity; a class of post-conventional phenomena which may - at its roots - non-locally connect with a metaphysically prior and subjacent, non-physical realm (and with its psychically involved phenomena), a reason for which they may be called "transdimensional" or "trans-reality" phenomena. 

Heuristic processes are “rational” but, perhaps more fundamentally, they are reasonable guiding posts connected with how we go about considering certain phenomena and, therefore, related with attitudes. And by relating with attitudes (and therefore with subjectivity and intersubjectivity) they may also lead us to consider (or re-consider) our assessments about certain unique phenomena to care to study them, especially when our normal, intuitive understandings about "physicality" are stopped on their tracks as “reality” and “physicality” cease to be independently stable and “out there” by the incorporation of subjectivity and intersubjectivity on a deeper level.

Perhaps more individuals cripplingly self-identified as “rational” and as honorable participants in seriously accepted, believable institutions (while simultaneously being irrationally skeptical about specific forms of challenging evidence) will have a "change of mind" or of “attitude” after being exposed to reasonable (and also sufficiently logical) UFO and contactee-experiencer arguments if explained through the use of some useful heuristic processes. Hence, perhaps specific heuristic recommendations (recommendations which are not unfailing rules but instead references on how to best go about thinking about certain things) can help serious contact experiencers, researchers and disclosure activists to present their case in a more attitude - changing or socially influential manner; presenting information in ways that show that it deserves social and scientific recognition.

Exposed to heuristic arguments presenting UFO and experiencer information and data in a more plausible way, more individuals honestly considering themselves not only as “rational” but also as “reasonable” would feel a greater inner contradiction about continuing to offhandedly dismiss or to over-actively seek any replacement information so as not to seriously consider UFO and experiencer data, statistics and information.

Inductive assessment is most fundamental to the advancement of science because data acquired through patterns of experience is what brings in new information requiring new explanations. Real science advances when theories adapt to evidence and to experience and its theories should not be considered “final” but, rather, as temporary explanations that best explain phenomena and data progressively accumulating and/or being modified. Quite likely, some specific heuristics applied to the best ufological and experiencer data indicating that there is real, unique and interactive phenomena going on would help us to pause the irrational denial of the best collected, multi-generational and multi categorical evidence. Heuristics may help some 'rational' individuals admit that there is something worthy of serious attention and consideration.  

Taken as well-organized explanations - hopefully with predictive power - theories must evolve as new data and experiences are registered and accepted. However, oftentimes, the acceptance of data and phenomena is precluded by biases and, there often are sociological and psychological reasons to unscientifically reject phenomena that don’t fit in well with accepted theory. This irrational rejection of the ideals of science may be particularly true in regards to counter-intuitive, non-classical, macro-scale phenomena (not limited to the atomic scale).

It is becoming clear that we only perceive a limited segment of reality. There may well be ‘laws of physics’, inter-reality processes and types of energies that contend with phenomena not currently accepted by mainstream science, an endeavor still excessively biased toward representing all experienced reality as based upon materialism and mechanicism. This occurs in spite of alternative implications from quantum physics regarding the “de-materialization” of matter and the inseparable role of choice, consciousness and the observer affecting what seems to be a non-local, information substratum. 

This holding on at all costs to a classical preference for materialism and mechanicism lends itself to the fallacy of trying to explain all phenomena under specifically accepted ad hoc explanations. And, regardless of how thoroughly the scientific method has been followed, this often means trying to explain some phenomena which MAY be conventionally explained as if it necessarily follows that their explanation MUST be conventional. This is also popularly called “dogmatism”.

Now, in relation to UFOs and alleged human-ET interactions, “dogmatism” for or against narrow interpretations also seems to be part of an overall attitude problem or blockage against all things non-physical and/or “otherworldly” but since heuristics not only has rational elements but is closely related with attitudes, it may also be more instrumental in overcoming this.

Since many closed-minded "rationalists" consider themselves to be "reasonable," heuristics showing that their thinking (mostly due to an attitude) is flawed may lead more of them to experience too much cognitive dissonance (or a lack of concordance between their ideas pertaining to self-identity and the facts) to keep holding on to their unsound attitudes. Thus, by being exposed to the careful use of heuristic logical and plausible arguments showing their thinking to be wrong, rather than escaping the need to reconsider by blaming UFO and experiencer information as coming from cheats, from the will-to- belief and fanaticism, or from sheer observational and criteria mistakes or feeble mindedness, they will have to reconsider their all-encompassing stance in order to maintain psychological integrity.  

Even if it is becoming quite acceptable for educated individuals to recognize that there indeed is an abundance of recurrent phenomena (“anomalies” from the perspective of our conventional theories) persistently reported by credible individuals and groups around the world; phenomena which - if seriously considered - bring into question the completeness of classical materialist and mechanicist explanations as well as the metaphysics of "classical realism," the adequate use of heuristic reasoning processes should support the deep paradigm-changing, cultural persuasion process. 

Quite often individuals not intimately associated for a living with any predominant modern institution have the willingness and sufficient social and intersubjective freedom to begin to more openly consider "transdimensional" phenomena as real. In fact, they don’t need to be “rocket scientists” nor geniuses to intuitively know that it would be inadequate to simply dismiss the vast amount of data and reported effects suggestive of a non-human intelligence behind at least some UFO events. However, they also need reasoning tools to be able to more productively counteract socially inadequate and destructive, debunking, and excessively skeptical status-conservative arguments. Besides them, some academics and theory-savvy individuals know that their formal acceptance of alleged UFO-ET non-conventional, provocative but, apparently, semi-covert interactions would logically require a major change in the theoretical-academic edifice and its political-economic support system, besides re-assessing most beloved and competing theories while suggesting credible alternative hypotheses. For most, it is a potato “too hot to handle” and fear stops them.  However, some (still too few) are – thanks be to God – coming “out of the closet” and taking the lead for this to happen.

Heuristics, acting like a bridge between the reasonable and the rational, may (for serious ufologists, disclosure activists, experiencers and experiencer researchers) act as a necessary tool to help self-considered 'rational' and 'reasonable' individuals shift the attitudes of delusional denial and overt, prejudiced dismissal into a truly scientific, reasonable and (still objective) open-minded consideration of the facts however the “chips may fall.”

Three Heuristics

The following three heuristics - though applied to the objectivity of conventionally and unconventionally acquired data - may act as a needed tool striding between a science excessively focused on unchanging, exterior world, objective regularities and a science that works with subjective and intersubjective factors capable of modifying exterior world, objective regularities. 

Baye’s Theorem helps us ASSESS the probability that a hypothesis among others is valid based on new experience. In the XXVIII Century Reverend Thomas Bayes tried to show how to use new evidence to update beliefs. It goes hand in hand with induction and not with a rigid, unequivocal logical deduction. Through induction we approximately “know” that it is more likely that Earth will continue turning and that tomorrow there’ll be another sunrise; but we don’t know this with absolute certainty.  Like the so-called “principle of parsimony” (or “Occam’s Razor”) Baye’s Theorem is more like a “heuristic,” which can be understood as a general rule of thumb helping us to assess the validity or usefulness of a hypothesis. Both are “short cuts” simply assisting us to come up with probable explanations. It helps us to think in reasonable terms. However, if we apply these mechanically based on holding fast to wrong premises about reality they may even sidetrack us into not recognizing more feasible and obvious explanations.

Baye’s Theorem requires having several hypotheses at hand in order to compare them. It is structured to help us come up with an approximate probability and it states that The Probability of an Hypothesis Explaining the New Results = The Probability of Obtaining the New Results if the Hypothesis is True ÷ The Probability of Getting the New Results Whether the Hypothesis is True or Not. Then, multiply that division by The Probability of the Hypothesis before Considering the New Results.

Just like Baye’s Theorem is a practical recommendation attempting to approximately give us a clue on the probability of the validity of an hypothesis by also considering several competing hypotheses in light of new information regarding phenomena, “Occam’s Razor” is not like a physical principle or a principle set in stone as an unfailing rule.  The latter (re-stated by several philosophers following Aristotelian thinking but also more associated with theologian, nominalist philosopher and Franciscan friar William of Occam) basically states: “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.” To my understanding, this means that when an explanation is sufficient to explain a phenomenon, it is not recommended to seek a greater number of alternative explanations. However, in the case of phenomena challenging conventional explanations, the question would also be if all possible “sufficient explanations” rest upon a classical materialist-mechanicist worldview or, in effect, that most straightforward and sufficient explanation would be a hypothesis that better fits or corresponds with the facts, however challenging.

Another way of stating “Occam’s Razor” is that it is generally preferable not to assume more hypothesis as causes than the minimum necessary to explain a phenomenon. Said differently, trying to extend the materialist and mechanicist worldviews (and paradigms) in convoluted ways in order to reductionistically explain (or to explain away) the experiential facts and “anomalous” data gathered around the UFO Phenomenon, may actually be not following Aristotle’s and Occam’s recommendation but instead doing just the opposite.

Once again, these “heuristics” are basically recommendations generally useful on how to proceed to choose among various hypotheses that might explain a phenomenon. Moreover, unfortunately “Occam’s Razor” has often been misunderstood by closed-minded skeptics (normally defending conventional theories associated with materialism and mechanicism) in their blindly dogmatic search for every which way to ridicule or dismiss evidence pointing toward the “extraterrestrial hypothesis” (or variations within that hypothesis) pertaining to some of the most ‘anomalous’ aspects of the UFO phenomenon.  

There’s still another recommendation that can be considered as a useful heuristic. It is the advice to avoid "Type Two Errors." In statistics, a null hypothesis is a hypothesis one tries to cancel out by using evidence to the contrary. In statistical hypothesis testing, a Type Two Error (or Error of the Second Kind) is the failure to reject a FALSE null hypothesis. In other words, it is a failure to detect some aspect of reality that is suggested by the statistical evidence. This becomes a useful heuristic to think about any accepted percentage of truly unconventional UFO cases.

The concept that UFO’s are nothing but natural phenomena or phenomena that have been misidentified or that can be explained by conventional science would be a false null hypothesis that has not been invalidated based on the best UFO evidence and statistics. This is because the evidence and statistics clearly also suggest that something truly distinct and quite possibly anomalous is going on. Fixated UFO debunkers and debunkers of the reasonable likelihood of there being genuine “experiencers” interacting with a variety of intelligent extraterrestrial beings are clearly committing a Type Two Error (also Type II Error) or Error of the Second Kind.


The relevant and scientifically honest (and highly relevant for humanity) situation here is that the “extraterrestrial hypothesis” or ETH (if not limited to a “nuts & bolts” approach) may well be the MOST STRAIGHTFORWARD HYPOTHESIS OR EXPLANATION for a number of well-documented UFO cases. In general, this hypothesis is not discarded within some foreign governments and Air Force related teams researching “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or “Anomalous Aerial Phenomena” (like the Chilean CEFAA or Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena functioning under the General Secretary of the DGCA (the Ministerial Department of Civil Aeronautics), itself under the aegis of the Chilean Air Force). That hypothesis is neither discarded beforehand (for instance by introducing pre-conceived conclusions into the premises) by the high-level military and scientific French GEIPAN (Study Group and Information on Non-Identified Aerospace Phenomenon) analysts working under the jurisdiction of CNES (the National Center for Space Studies) who in 1999 produced the so-called “COMETA Report.” Likewise, this REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS is endorsed by the “Sigma/3AF Commission” of the Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France. In fact, given the evidence available, the ETH cannot be reasonably discarded in advance without obviously incurring in extreme prejudice and dishonesty.

Humanity at large needs its academic, religious and political leaders to come to terms with the fact that the ETH is a reasonable (and rational) perspective backed-up by the finest inductively-derived, independently assessed and cross-tabulated evidence gathered by sincere, mentally sound, capable and reputable UFO researchers across several decades; by some courageous and honest scientists, a good number of political, military and intelligence community witnesses and by thousands of individuals from around the world (individuals who for the most part don’t do it for personal gain but who, instead, oftentimes face ridicule from peers in the name of truth). This evidence also includes, highly trained witnesses capable of recognizing a variety of flying objects, alleged landings leaving anomalous and analyzed physical signatures, clear visual, radar and radar-visual sightings, military intercept missions, photographic and film analysis, the analysis of a few solid objects with anomalous characteristics (such as those which podiatric surgeon Roger K. Leir collected from alleged abductee-experiencers) and leaked or formerly classified government documents that indicate longstanding, official interest in “flying discs,” “flying saucers” or “UFO anomalies.”

Moreover, after thousands of psychologically healthy and functional “citizen-experiencers” reporting intelligent physical interactions with otherworldly extraterrestrial beings; after metallic-looking disc-shaped, triangular-shaped, sphere-shaped and tubular-shaped objects have been reported zigzagging and departing in abrupt ways defying momentum and inertia (sometimes after apparently interacting with witnesses for instance by responding with right-angle formations) the lack of formal academic investigation onto what may be going on (at least from a social and psychological perspective) is a failure against modern, humanistic, democratic and scientific ideals.

It simply looks as if FEAR and personal convenience (ultimately due to an innate adaptive and biological sense of isolation and disconnection from transdimensional reality) got the upper hand within the innards of modern academic and political institutions since, facing the facts would probably challenge the premises those institutions are based in and thus internal social forces would arise punishing individuals stepping out of line. However, the forces of social control (among them ridicule), or even forces of active repression and suppression on the hands of a few perhaps illicitly given the task of managing the most crucial evidence and keeping the rest of us out of the loop “for our own good” cannot forever hold back our adaptive common sense and deeper need to face the facts in order to sustain the status quo or an outmoded way of thinking an being based upon classical separations, especially if cajoling and interactive UFO and contact phenomena are closely related with human interest and psychological availability.

As previously mentioned, perhaps (due to how transdimensional or trans-reality interactions proceed) the genuine UFO and experiencer phenomenon is adaptive to our attitudes. Probably too many people not wanting to know and covert human representatives secretly managing the situation while instilling negative attitudes into cultural leaders and further moving them towards not wanting to know, interacts with possibilities so that the non-human intelligences behind the genuinely otherworldly UFO cases also need to adapt to our attitudes and to also behave in covert or semi-covert ways.

But is it wise and human life-enhancing to indefinitely allow covert (and, quite likely, intellectually and evolutionarily passé) forces to handle the situation in the name of the rest of humanity, therefore maintaining genuine UFO and contact knowledge out of the hands of the most evolved democratic civilians leading the next stage of cultural evolution?

In relation to UFOs, for the Principle of Parsimony (a.k.a. “Occam’s Razor”) multiplying explanations to uphold the materialist-mechanicist premises may not be the way to arrive at a “sufficient explanation.”  Then, Baye’s Theorem asks us to compare several hypotheses and not to discard any plausible one offhand. Finally, the advice to avoid "Type Two Errors" or "Errors of the Second Kind" (the failing to detect some aspect of reality which is suggested by the statistical evidence) also reminds us to become aware of our blinding cognitive biases when the evidence is displayed before us within a complex phenomenon. I wonder how many “Close Encounters of the Second Kind” interesting pieces of unique evidence (as described by J. Allen Hynek’s six fold classification scale for UFO encounters) have been thus dismissed…   

The three heuristics presented basically warn us against inflexible mindset, that is, against inflexibly holding on to our conventional ‘pet’ explanations and theories. 


The three described heuristics can assist us to present UFO and experiencer information in a more reasonable way to skeptics.

In relation to truly anomalous UFOs and human-extraterrestrial interactive encounters, we are in serious need to change our attitudes and our excessively limited and unreasonable premises in order to face the facts (which we must). Being able to consider the opportunities offered by non-conventional and unique UFO and ET-contact phenomena may indicate that our "human nature" is flexible enough to adapt to such new realities in the offing and to transcend biopsychological adaptations to a classically experienced material world. 

The three described heuristics in combination with UFO and experiencer information are not inimical with the ETH (the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) and, what is more, their intelligent use clearly suggests that the ETH must be seriously considered quite likely by extending or enhancing that hypothesis to embrace the emerging "transdimensional" explanations.

The three described heuristics are recommendations for thinking in more REASONABLE ways rather than in perfect, rationally-infallible ways based on a single piece of extremely good evidence, or inductions and deductions accompanied with strict logical arguments. However, since the attitudes and the reasonable are paramount even before consciously-initiated rational processes, better attitudes and greater reasonableness are what we may really need as a first step to relate in rational (and other ways) with transdimensional otherworldly events, with their science, post-conventional logic and technology. Then, more strict rational and scientific steps would be more easily assimilated.

Using the three suggested heuristics (and others which may be appropriate) may help us to assist many closed-minded individuals shift their attitudes, not only re-considering their passé, conventional stance on UFOs and experiencer accounts but also in opening up their minds to a whole new world and way of thinking, eventually becoming more actively involved in research, voluntary interaction events and in favor of official disclosure and of an intelligently applied, mutually-respectful exopolitics based upon definitive recognition of actual, non-conventional (transdimensional or trans-reality-based) human-extraterrestrial interactions. 

Because facing reality as it may be is necessary in terms of a reasonable continuation of life, it would be a matter of time before a most essential and good, ancient, adaptive common sense prevails in the form of a most basic need to face reality, however strange that reality may seem.

By facing reality as it may be, what is happening in experienced and objectively registered reality will have the final say, and this reality (also exteriorly modified by its association with subjective meaning) will assert itself in its own emergent and self-organizing complex ways along with the much needed, co-creative, gradual implementation of a cosmically appropriate, peaceful, planetary-wide civilization.