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By Giorgio Piacenza

The creator of the term “exopolitics” (Alfred Webre) defined it as “”the study of political process and governance in interstellar society.”” In 2004 Dr. Michael Salla, promoting an academic exopolitics defined it as: “The study of the key individuals, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life.”

In 2009, the Strategy Committee of the Exopolitics Institute defined “exopolitics” as “an interdisciplinary scientific field, with its roots in the political sciences, that focuses on research, education and public policy with regard to the actors, institutions and processes, associated with extraterrestrial life, as well as the wide range of implications this entails through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms.”

In order to practice exopolitics is it not absolutely necessary to believe that extraterrestrials are currently interacting with planet Earth and/or humanity but (in contrast to exobiology) it is necessary to at least seriously consider the legal, political, scientific, religious and cultural implications of what this presence could mean.
If diplomatic contact were established with other civilizations, who would represent the interests of common people, nations, the Earth and nature as a whole? Would it be the United Nations that until now is formed by nations that represent themselves in a forum to solve their differences in a peaceful way and to promote agreements? Would it be any of the more powerful nations like the U.S., Russia, China, India, Canada, Brazil? The European Union? How would religions be represented? And what about intellectuals, humanitarians, universities, scientific academies?

Most exopoliticians today consider that the accumulated evidence provided by a Ufology of a scientific character in the last six and a half decades has sufficiently demonstrated that we are being visited by a variety of intelligent beings from the Cosmos. That “ufology” would include not only physical evidence but contacteeism and abduction research, both of them now also called “experiencer research.”  The exopoliticians would also consider that specific secret groups from some of the more powerful of the world’s nations have covered-up this fact, perhaps – among other reasons – to study the technology behind the mystery. They also basically agree that, by conducting these investigations without any checks and balances from civil society, the rights of citizens have been in some ways violated. Moreover, they would say that research has been conducted using public funds without submitting to democratic supervision or accountancy.
Is all of this warranted? Has it all been done only having national security inmind or have there been abuses of civil rights, even perhaps unwarranted enrichment? As a species, we need to heal all this. We need to know who we are. Why would ET’s be here? Can we or can’t we handle the truth? While there’s evidence that a fraction of humanity is experiencing genuine contact events with a variety of beings, there is still too much denial, fear and old-style covert militarism handling aspects of this situation, some of it perhaps managed for the sake of power, under a paradigm of disconnection, under a secret association of top aerospace corporations, elites, unacknowledged covert military projects and intelligence teams “in the know.”
Not only our leaders, but the mass of humanity needs to grow up beyond such an unending projection of conflict that also projects a continuity of our Earthly fears, hateful subdivisions,selfishness and conflicts into the Cosmos.

The growing emergence of credible whistleblowers who (in order to defend democratic ideals) reveal that they worked in secret government projects investigating UFOs and different kinds of extraterrestrial information is quite extensive.  It is sufficient to carefully read the declarations recorded by the “Disclosure Project.” However, these and other informants and/or “whistleblowers”/credible concerned citizens have openly decared in venues such as “Project Camelot,” and “The Citizen’s Hearing for Disclosure.” In fact, Exopolitics Institute founder Dr. Michael Salla has also conducted interviews with individuals like William Mills Tompkins (with documents accrediting he worked for aerospace firms and for the U.S. Navy) regarding the existence of a secret space program dating back to the 1940’s.

Important cases indicative of the reasonable possibility that some of the effects were best explained by considereing the activities of technologically-advanced, non-human intelligences were researched and/or assessed by a high-ranking French team of security experts and scientists who produced the so-called “COMETA Report.” Furthermore, testimonies from military and government officials attesting about important (and even nationally recognized) unique UFO cases have been gathered by reporters like Leslie Kean. Also, the number of declassified UFO documents from countries like England and Brazil is significant. All of this and much more points to a physically real phenomenon, sometimes interactive, sometimes exhibiting intelligent behavior; a phenomenon that is already being officially investigated in several countries. Therefore, in a way, the U.S. is becoming an “odd” super power by not unequivocally publicly recognizing an interest in UFO research. Moreover, leaked classified documents (which in some cases have been carefully analyzed verifying their autheticity) exist. For example, see the work of Dr. Robert Wood (former Mc Donald Douglas scientist) on the SOM-1 101 documents for this.

There have also been physical analysis of implants found in persons who claim to have been abducted; implants possessing truly anomalous characteristics (like isotopes not naturally occurring on Earth, a nano technology apparently connected to the nervous system, the lack of an inflammation response, the emission of electromagnetic signals and no sign of entry) all indicates that (unless all can be explained by secret military operations) we are really facing a complex, intelligent presence that can only be irrationally ignored by preserving our own ignorance while other countries with a more open-minded attitude move forward in understanding.

As per further evidence of direct contact, “experiencer” testimony, the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research on Extraterrestrial Encounters (F.R.E.E.) has conducted a major international survey for persons that claim conscious memory recall of having experienced contact(s) with non-human intelligent beings inconnection to UFO sightings. Thousands of individuals have already responded in various languages and some unique patterns have arised (often challenging some widely held assumptions about the contact experience and abductions). Whether we consider these reports as sufficient proof that objectively real extraterrestrial contacts are happening or not, it would be ludicrous – from a scientific point of view – to simply dismiss these reports. This is an important type of research that adds more credibility regarding the extent and plausible objective reality of the contact phenomenon and sheds new and/or more precise information about it. A link to F.R.E.E. is 

In addition to ancestral myths, stories and knowledge about “star visitors” there is well-researched, modern and old UFO photographs, some taken before the advent of the computer age. All of this points toward the realization that we are infact being “visited” in a semi-covert way.  “They” normally seem to show up briefly and on a limited manner and leave all too soon. There are lies and misperceptions or mistaken identities, but it would be unreasonable to dismiss all of it as such.
Above, first a 1943 photo from Huánuco, Peru researched by Mr. Juan Manuel Llanos (from the Asociación Peruana de Ufología) and then a 1938 photo from Poland researched by Mr. Robert Bernatowicz from the Nautilus Foundation.

Outright dismissal and apathy toward what could be a most significant, worldview-changing situation can be explained by a deep-seated “not wanting to know” expressing itself in multiple ways. However, perhaps under a different exopolitical approach, this can gradually (if not speedily) be reverted. Is it unreasonable to think that the attitudes of ridicule, ultra secrecy, fear, power-seeking, religious condemnation and denial could play a role in extraterrestrials generally not being more open about their presence? 

Since the Exopolitics Institute was created in the U.S., similar institutes and organizations have emerged in Germany, England, Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong and several high quality international conferences have been organized. The movement exists but has not reached a wider audience. One of themes more referred to in some conferences has been that of government secrecy. Another has been that of “Galactic Diplomacy.” Then again, friendly interactions besides forced interventions (abductions) conducted by some varieties of extraterrestrial entities have been mentioned. Also, some of the information brought by some contactees (showing some degree of evidence like photographs, other witnesses and videos) has been analyzed. Moreover, information from different parts of the world has been incipiently cross-referenced. 

To simply say that the ET presence is “impossible” according to the laws of physics (such as those we havefound as per classical physics and General Relativity) would be to affirm that we know is where the limits of older civilizations stand. It would be equivalent to ignoring the fact that science often advances with amazing strides and that it continuously overcomes its own limits, finding unexpected ways to build on past successes. It would be equivalent to categorically stating that the non-local findings of quantum mechanics will never be applicable to large, everyday objects.  Perhaps by learning to distort the spatial energy density at the zero-point “quantum vacuum” and by understanding the non-local way inertia operates we would come to understand that the normal physical limits are a valid but also restricted to a local situation and within a range that can be overcome.

Engineers Tom Valone, Eugene Mallove and Thomas Bearden performed very interesting studies about how some of the elements of extraterrestrial technologies might operate. The“emDrive” devised by Roger Shawyer is also quite promising and only seems to violate Newton’s second law. These possiblities have to do with an interactive quantum vacuum. Parts of this technology might serve to generate forms of clean energy and may be released to the public if it is found that they cannot be weaponized.

In April 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC 40 witnesses declared before 6 former U.S. congressmen (and citizens from the U.S. and around the world) in a mock (yet damn serious) public hearing under oath. Peru was well represented by retired Coronel Oscar Santa María Huertas (who intercepted with his jet fighter and shot at an alien space craft during a massive daytime sighting above La Jolla Airforce Base in 1980, Peru) and by the attorney Anthony Choy (researcher of the “Chulucanas Incident” in northern Peru and one of the civilian founding members of OIFAA, the Peruvian Airforce’s Research Office of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena). Their declarations contributed to the “eye-opening” or “discovery environment” co-generated with the shocking declarations of the other witnesses. Former U.S. intelligence officers, veteran researchers with serious degrees of evidence about a cover-up, plus captains, sergeants, majors and coronels (like Richard French) from the U.S. and other countries, also contributed with their very clear and objective declarations that point toward extraterrestrial “visitation.” Retired Coronel Ariel Sánchez from the Republic of Uruguay narrated how in his country “anomalous aerial objects” are studied with greater openness, educating the civilian population without conclusive saying that extraterrestrials are here but (like other official research organizations in LatinAmerica) without discarding the extraterrestrial presence as a reasonablePOSSIBILITY.

The former U.S. congress persons (Merrill Cook, Darlene Hooley, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Mike, Gravel, Roscoe Bartlett, Lynn Woolsey) had arrived to the hearing with some skepticism knowing little about the wide-ranging UFO subject matter but were quite impressed by the quality of the witnesses assembled. In the end they suggested that some other country or group of countries (perhaps Latin American countries) formally ask the United Nations to produce an international conference on the theme of UFOs/the ET presence. They did recognized that it was an important issue of global scope that concerns everyone.  A former Brazilian senator was present and promised that, upon returning to his country, he would promote this idea. Also UFO researcher Ademar J. Gevaerd announced that the Brazilian Air Force had declared that it would not only declassify thousands of UFO files (besides what they had already declassified) but that it would collaborate more closely with civilian researchers.

The in-depth studies of historian Richard Dolan and of other notable concerned citizens, exopoliticians, academicians and activists like Michael Salla, Stephen Bassett, Daniel Sheehan and Steven Greer seemed to show that the cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence will not be sustained for much too long. Hundreds of DVD’s containing the all the hearing’s declarations and inquiries from the former congressmen were sent to current congressional leaders but years have gone by and little or no interest has been shown. 

However, in society in general,the taboo that implies simply speaking about this likely presence is winding down. The same goes for events deemed “paranormal” which also seem to be “impossible” but which innumerable studies (including meta statistical studies such as those conducted by Dr. Dean Radin) show that they are not.
But what we need a more flexible mindset to create a more inclusive worldview in which science and these events related with subjectivity are compatible. We need to update the mental narratives that define or color our self-identities, doing it with empirically and scientifically proven awareness that we indeed participate in a vaster, psychical, conscious, multi-layered, coherent, non-local, feedback and feed forward, intelligent information matrix dependent of a more essential spiritual reality.

But what role will Peru and Peruvian thinkers play when the reality of this presence is (even if gradually or partially) finally revealed and/or vastly acknowledged? How will a Peruvian (or similar developing country) Government react when information about possible semi-legal agreements with some ultra covert military forces have been discretely made (without democratic supervision) with specific extraterrestrial groups, some of which may not have our best interests at heart? Will an international leadership form to establish contact with other, more pro-human extraterrestrial civilizations?

I surmise that Andean countries like Peru generally possess cultural traditions which are more flexible and adaptive, even to events that escape prosaic physical explanations. Populations have been culturally suppressed but have sincretically adapted. They found attractive commonalities between what they knew and some Western Christian beliefs and practices. While the acceptance of all forms of life is more natural in the original Native American traditions in which connectivity with subtle energies is also easier, the sense of the Sacred as felt and colored in relation to Christian Catholic concepts like the supreme Love, Understanding and Power of Jesus also connect some contactees (and potentially other members of society) with the possibility of interacting with very highly evolved, benevolent extraterrestrial and intra terrestrial beings.    

We strive in the modern, religious and traditional worlds without being excessively defined by any of these.  Its upside is adaptability. Its downside is not having well-defined values. However, unless modernity, decadent institutions, corruption, materialist and consumer values overtake us completely, we may have more possibilities for culturally adapting to new exopolitical realities and even of contributing some original perspectives to the emerging exopolitical movement.

I intuit that some of the ancestral Andean Traditions (in union with current/modern knowledge) can help us to produce our own theoretical models in relation to Exopolitics and in relation to the cultural transformations implied. After extensive reading and participating in a few traditinal ceremonies, I will use my own interpretations of what sone of the Andean concepts might refer to. A particular tradition called “Tinkuy” or “unforced encounter” may be intellectually (and feeling-wise) quite useful to connect with other worlds.

By means of contact “experiencers” in general and researchers like psychiatrist Dr. John Mack from Harvard; by means of information from whistleblowers and a long-standing research (at least since the beginning of the “Modern UFO Era” in the 1940s) which includes the physical and psychical aspects of UFO encounters, we can safely say that we know that contact events with extraterrestrials tend to produce physical space-time anomalies together with pronounced interactions between the minds and consciousnesses involved. As in Native American natural medicine (often erronesously called “shamanism”), what in modern times is  called “subjective” blends in with what is called “objective,” showing that these events correspond to other kinds of more inclusive, reconciling, interactive laws. This calls for a new kind of science integrating physics with classical and “paranormal” experience, consciousness, meaningfulness, rational metaphysics much more.

Perhaps the Andean concept of RECIPROCITY (Ayni) (part of a much more complex wisdom) can guide us. Maybe we can also demonstrate that, just as we have adapted in a syncretic but creative way (at least until postmodernism and excessive commercialism without losing our original identity) to European ideas and mores, to Christianity and Modernity during the processes of cultural crossbreeding and the assimilation of foreign cultural patterns, we could also adapt to the new world which would form under the open recognition of the extraterrestrial presence without undergoing an excessively intense cultural shock. Perhaps we (and humanity everywhere) will demonstrate that the essential esoteric teachings of our religions rather than disappearing would interconnect and broaden, get richer and deepen.

What if besides God’s universal laws and patterns defining what an ideal human being is, varieties of ETs (likewise ultimately dependent upon those and/or other patterns) also contributed to our gene pool? Should we be protected from that knowledge like everalsting children? No, because I think that we can grow up and adapt. But we need to know and not just that ETs are here, that there are kind and unkind ones, that some elements still called “the government” have lied to us or that there is advanced multiple reality shifting technology. I think that we need to know about our origins and who we are or were supposed to be in relation to beings that may have been active on Earth far longer than a few decades.

I think we are much more resilient and that the “Durant Report” conclusion for the “Robertson Panel”about the dangers of contacting a more advanced civilization was not too valid. The possibility of syncretism enriching rather than diminishing human civilization is real as long as the cultural leaders representing the highest wisdom of a civilization are not eliminated or suppressed. The danger would be when a civilization forgets the highest principles that guide it as can happen not only in Perú but also in the U.S. and the Western world which brought liberal democracy and with it, some univeral human rights principles that should extend worldwide but which may be hundered if we continue on a stubborn path of prompting elites, discordant ideologies, abusive exploitationof nature, commoditizing and objectifying people, continuous superficial entertainment and exalting winners over losers and violence.

What if the Ideal Man (the Adam Kadmon) was indeed a Divine creation in a higher (now mythicized) plane of existence and what ETs might have done as per pur physical vehicles is but a small part of it all? What if ‘they’ need us to grow up and -due to our ignorance about who we are and lack of political unity – some go about it more aggressively while others more spiritually and respectfully? And among them, who would be more politically convenient to openly establish closer bonds with? Should we prioritize contacts with beings first willing to share metaphysical knowledge rather than contacts with beings willing to share a technology with the potential to mire us into firther cycles of conflict? Should we let any secret government appointees represent humanity and handle the exopolitics?

What we need is to become seriously interested in these issues and to participate by educating ourselves with a breath of vision, information from all sources and a critical but emotionally balanced mind. We need to expand our ethical embrace to all sentience, caring about and including those varieties of ETs that may have committed abuses and mistake in our past and which may still commit them (without necessarily allowing them to act this way with us any more).  We must learn to find out who those entities that respect us the most are and to ally ourselves with them. We must also not jump to conclusions as to who is positive or negative in a xenophobic way. The issue may be more subtle and complex, requiring a more integrative kind of logic.

How can exopolitics really develop in Peru interacting with the world? What are our potentials? There already is a certain flexibility and openness. There’s also a native way of thinking about complementarity between dynamic opposites in the original Andean tradition and it may be philosphically and culturally useful. But in “modernizing Perú” there’s also a growing allegiance to modern entertaiment and commercial, cultural, political, economic forces and a psychology of cynicism due to extensive corruption.

Our Air Force was open to receive reports from citizens and spoke openly about what was being reported or researched. If we – as citizens or even within institutions – were to collaborate with bona fide contactees able to communicate with beings willing to provide evidence this would give us an unusual recognition if we were able to become earnestly/responsibly interested and able to film -with interactive clarity – actual extraterrestrial (transdimensional) vehicles during programmed appointments for those sightings. Thus, can we seek this interaction with ‘them’ to help them be less ‘unusual’ in our presence by accepting them with the same respect they bestow on us? I think so.

As Latin Americans in general and as Peruvians in particular we can perhaps stand out in this type of “connective exopolitics” of…CONTACT; of taking a stance to relate Humanity and the Earth system with more benign, positive beings that respect us more thoroughly in order to learn and educate (they can learn from us as we can learn from them) in an essentially egalitarian exchange, respecting our common essence without generating dependencies. The Qu’ero people of the Andes and other native American compatriots perhaps know there are advanced beings that live underground among us in the planet. The Paco Pacuris”….They also are in the Peruvian territory protecting…Earth.

As a people we are a hope for the planetary future of exopolitical relations if we maintain and respect and enhance these benign relations. Possibly in all Native American traditions there is an easygoing, calmer acceptance of a variety of experiences that connect us with other intelligences, ancestors, nature spirits, even star beings. All of them – like humans (Runas) – simply are conscious beings. Accepting a relationship (Tinkuy) with other types of Runas would simply extend our the range of our “home,” that part of the universal tapestry that imposes limits and responsibilities on us.

What appears to our awareness, especially in a community-sanctioned form, can be incorporated into our reality system. Relationships are the main factors in non-polluted Andean thinking and only through relationships can something really exist. Concepts such as reciprocity, male and female complementarity in everything and parity (the idea that anything that exists comes in pairs), lend themselves to recognizing further relationships among all entities. This thinking tends not to be “essentialist” as in the Western traditions, but everything is considered “alive” and basically originating in what can be understood as a dimensionless center called CHAUPIN. Moreover, levels of reality (often connected with wat could be called “time frames”) are accepted and encounters between beings and realities are said to generate new forms of existence. Thus, a natural or unforced “encounter” (or TINKUY) with beings from other realities can generate creative outcome that enriches the tapestry of life. The distinction between worlviews, the sacred and daily life is less important and there’s an emphasis in responsibility. Feeling (munay), thinking/conceptually understanding (yachay) and acting (llankay) are integrated and equally important. 

The division of reality into three levels and four areas all of which originate from what may be considered an indefinable (maybe “non-dual” Source – the Living Energy or “Force” (Kawsay) – may also be another key concept, compatible with current philosophical advances like Integral Theory.

I think that, as a particular exopolitical expression, we can take the initiative of communicating more actively with protective beings in order to balance the Earth system, the expressions of its Living Energy or “Force” (Kawsay). In the Andean traditions it is understood that there is “heavy” force (or energy, so to speak) and that some beings live under it but benign curandero and priestly practices exist to lighten up this burden and heal.  Thus (as in other native American traditions) the existence of some “service-to-self” extraterrestrial entities could be more naturally accepted and there can be practices to neutralize or restore human and planetary life that has been influenced by them.  
Forgiveness and a fresh openness to a more positive path is possible and lies ahead.
At Teotihuacan, Mexico July 2014 sighting with Sixto Paz 
The first photo on the left is from Teotihuacan, Mexico when UFOs were seen during a meditation led by Peruvian contactee Sixto Paz Wells.  There are several other contactees and telepaths potentially capable of same. It’s important to continue with these pro-active, amicable human-extraterrestrial citizen efforts worldwide.

The second image depicts that when the center of the Andean Cross (Tawa Chakana) is placed over Cuzco a 45 degree angle to its upper-left center tip aligns with important sacred sites (Huacas) along the Capaq Ñan (Inca and pre-Inca road system). An intermediate line between true north and the main Capaq Ñan line would play an important part in ancient cosmic rituals related with alignment of the Earth and “tying up the Sun.”

“Chakana” means “bridge” (a bridge in an interwoven, relational, multi-level reality) and the “Tawa Chakana” (the four-sided chakana) also represents an Andean cosmology about how reality is structured. If adequate, it may help understand how universal influences structure the cosmic tapestry that extraterrestrials (capable of modifying spacetime and of utilizing psychic, spiritual and material aspects) also understand. It could be useful to understand the creation, relationships and connectivity among realities born from the unforced encounter (Tinkuy) of distinct realms. 

This symbolIt has an open center (Chaupin) or Source of Life. “Yana” would mean “pure” or “flour” or “clear”. “Yanan” (also meaning dark) would represent dependent reflection, a necessary illusion. “Masintin” would represent a specific influence among equals or a parts-generating influence which can be conflictive or cooperative. “Yanantin” would represent the ideal harmony between two opposites that complement. Yana, Yanan, Masintin, Yanantin would be primordial influences that combine into 4 areas of expression and each would basically express within three “worlds,” including an actual world of already-existing (organizing?) principles (Hanan Pacha) and an interior, emerging, future-oriented, potential and/or chaotic, but psychologically real world (Uku Pacha). The middle level (Kay Pacha) would be a world of perceivable, relational experiences for anyone living in it and would be generated by the natural or unforced encounter (Tinkuy) of the other two worlds. It would maintain the characteristics of the parent worlds but also be born (and relationally sustained) with its own original contribution to the tapestry of Life.

Ritual cosmological representations (“mesas”) made by curanderos (andean priests, ritualists or “paqos”) also often divide these into 4 general “spaces” formed by “Yana” “Yanan” “Hanan” and “Uku.” In a certain sense, “Masintin,” representing indivisible or unique entities in equal relationships with each other would correlate with “Hanan” (as clearly-given principles) and “Yanantin,” representing dual and harmonious, but less defined relationships, would correlate with “Uku.” 

There might be different combinations between the Hanan and Uku pachas giving rise to worlds of experience with different characteristics (perhaps different “densities” if they are physical). From our physical perspective the Hanan Pacha would correspond to what is called the Seed World in Vedanta Cosmology (Causal in Theosophy) and the Uku Pacha would correspond to what is known as the Subtle or Mental World. 

The basic Andean Chakana can also be multiplied as a fractal. The most advanced Andean “priests” (Ruwa Altum Misayoq) would be able to travel across many or all worlds by first going into the center. 
If our paradigms (theoretical models and methods) explaining empirical, interactive episodes with non-human intelligent entities and realities can be enhanced by ancient Andean traditions that can also complement and supplement other ancient wisdom traditions, current thinking on quantum physics (like the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness) and emerging transdisciplinary and integrative philosophies, the stated goals of “Exopolitics” (as expressed in the 2009 Exopolitics Institute’s definition) would be facilitated.

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Can exopoliticians orient major institutions if intelligent extraterrestrial life is discovered and announced in a way that cannot be rationally denied by the intellectual leaders of those major institutions? What do we know about those institutions outside conspiracy theory conferences and literature often used to extrapolate in an exopolitical sense? 

Our exopolitical thinking requires not only fine-tuning our understanding about extraterrestrials but also fine-tuning our understanding about major institutions such as the Catholic Church and the Vatican. If either a major (capital "D") Disclosure or a minor "d" (gradual) disclosure takes place, our conversation must be informed by more than our preferred suppositions. 

The Catholic Church as well as the Vatican is not a monolithic single-headed organism (just like "the U.S." and “Washington” aren’t) but they are often assumed to be so. After my experience as an advisor to an official institution, I’ve noticed that large, traditional state institutions are naturally and extremely easily found suspect of covering up the UFO phenomenon and the extraterrestrial presence. But the situation is, quite likely, more complex.

There's a tendency to over generalize on all sides of the human political equation between and among political groups. Outsiders that feel that they are living to promote a non-orthodox cause (like some pro-disclosure activists, left-wing revolutionaries) also almost always speak of “the U.S.” as though it were a monolithic empire where most leaders confabulate to manipulate the rest of the world. But the trees are mistaken for the forest. In other words, as a tendency of the dichotomous mind, judgmental exaggerations about formal institutions of power are way easy to make when one is on the outside. As inheritors of a hunter-gatherer mindset, we tend to distinguish ourselves tribal-like from others in an exaggerated way.

I really suspect that elements within the Catholic Church are privy to information about the UFO and ET presence but, could it be like what the immensely dedicated disclosure and contactee Dr. Steven Greer tells in his lectures that, not even CIA directors are privy to the best information regarding UFO’s if they have no “need to know?”

Now let’s get a bit more philosophical and theosophical. Theoretically speaking, “the Church” is most essentially composed by all baptized individuals but the Vatican curia leads/orients them allegedly guided by the Holy Spirit as per its doctrine. However, if we consider that “the Vatican” or key members within also orient UFO research, its secrecy, considerations and possible disclosure, I suppose that only a few high-ranking members would actually deal with these matters. They might be associated to the intelligence ranks within the Church.

This (parallel or included?) "special" social entity might be represented by those whose opinions would be relevant in case a massive, undeniable sighting were to occur. We may perhaps be referring to some of the most powerful decision-makers such as the Pope, or perhaps only to a few cardinals and bishops, or Jesuit priest researchers but I suppose that, whoever really knows in a transnational sense in association with those in the known in Europe and the U.S. would need to have a “need to know” clearance. Following a patterns from elsewhere, they might even be told that what they are participating in doesn’t officially exist.

So, perhaps asking who in “the Vatican” makes decisions above the official curia is like asking who rules the U.S. as per decisions being (perhaps extra constitutionally) made about the extraterrestrial presence.

Ted Peters, a Professor of systematic theology at the Graduate Theological Union found in a landmark survey that the leaders of several well-known religious institutions (especially conventional and moderate ones) felt at ease with the possibility of discovering an intelligent extraterrestrial presence and I don’t think that most of the intellectual and theological leaders within the Vatican curia and the Roman Catholic Church in general would be any different. Retrieve his explanation at

When I asked brother Guy Consolmagno (astronomer from the Vatican Observatory, curator of the Vatican’s meteorite collection and author of “Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial?” if he was aware of the possibility the Church is preparing for discovering ET life, ET contact happening right now or even disclosure he said that – judging from a few direct interactions with the highest Pontiff – he surmised that the Pope (back then Benedict VI) most likely wasn’t particularly interested in the ET subject. That was a bit of a cold shower, especially coming from one of the men that affirmed that, if an intelligent, rational extraterrestrial requested baptism, he would baptize him. His book “Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial” is kindly and emphasizes (in Aristotelian and Thomas Aquinas fashion) the importance of rational capacity.

Pope Francis I also seems to share the idea that he would baptize an ET given the conditions Guy Consolmagno refers to. But we must realize that this has already been thought by theologians in the Catholic Church before and - however important - doesn't qualify as an astounding "new concept." The important detail is that they do not find an essential contradiction between discovering intelligent extraterrestrials and the faith or doctrine and this is a favorable position in terms of the possibility of disclosure.  The fact that it has often been said that “religions would crumble” if the truth be known may not be as clear-cut as is often simplistically assumed.

Please go to this link:

It is well-known that the main astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, Father Gabriel Funes, also accepts the possibility of extraterrestrial life (albeit he doesn’t seem to believe it is going to be discovered soon) and that he holds a conservative theological position about Christ’s only incarnation on Earth as a one-time event valid for the whole universe.  Each time he has said anything about this there’s been much speculation and has been interpreted as if the Church were secretly preparing for disclosure or (now that Funes said he doubted ET life would be discovered soon) that – until a gradual educational campaign took place - there were reasons for still keeping it under wraps.

While it is reasonable to posit that some within the curia should know more and deal with the ET subject, it seems that many or most of the public figure leaders are kept "out of the loop" besides, quite simply (as most politicians and academics elsewhere) not being personally inclined to find out or to know more. Moreover, if those "in the know" would have psychologically denied, suppress or repress actual knowledge of ET life on Earth and thus preferred not to have known, and if they are currently making important exopolitical decisions representing a citizenry (and perhaps us all), they may not be the right persons to do it...and they may naturally extend that distaste for challenging truth by ridiculing/de-legitimizing the situation, generating doubt, confusing information and keeping us from clearly knowing about it. It would be a a psychological projection onto us, perhaps acting like “social super egos” to keep us from knowing. Just like they were not ready to know about it when they were “briefed” they project onto us assuming that we would not be able to handle it).

I think that the need to control the truth is not just a psychological projection but also largely linked to a traditional way of thinking and being in the world, a win-lose, dichotomous, two-value way of processing information, feeling and judging; one closely associated with survival instincts adequate for a physical world limited to classical laws. The ET truth challenges that increasingly outmoded, crude, physical survival-based way of thinking which is also present in a theology that emphasizes God as a thoroughly independent and distant-transcendental, perhaps authoritarian, be saved or condemned, strict, law-giving Father figure.

That said, there also are good indications that "special" statements by influential Church representatives have at least been allowed by “those in the know” to continue for some time; the most notable being those repeated statements by Monsignor Corrado Balducci who was allowed to continue speaking theologically about the hypothetical position occupied by (at least some) extraterrestrial beings in the order of creation.

Having had some priest friends from different orders I think that, generally-speaking, they –especially encumbered priests – have enough respect from their superiors and personal freedom to be able speak their own opinion regarding ET life if need be...especially if that doesn’t contradict Church teachings. And for the most part, speaking about intelligent extraterrestrial beings has become a respectable (even if still interspersed, partly avoided and somewhat controversial) tradition.

Theology About Extraterrestrials

For instance, upon researching a little bit, I found that considering extraterrestrials is not something new. Influential Catholic theologian and priest Karl Rahner uses the term “Star Inhabitants” admitting the possibility of other salvation stories and multiple incarnations of the Word.

Influential Catholic theologian and priest Hans Kung also wrote that the possibility of other intelligent life in the Universe had to be granted.

XV Century Franciscan theologian, defender of Duns Scottus’ theology Guillaume de Vaurouillon proposed that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice had a universal value, in case other rational, intelligent beings exist in the cosmos.
The Dominican friar and renowned theologian Thomas O’Meara considers in his works titled  "Vast Universe" and "Christian Theology and Extraterrestrial Life" that Thomas Aquinas left the door open for the possibility of a Holy Person of the Trinity to extend salvation to other intelligent beings in the Cosmos and that we shouldn’t limit what the divine can or cannot do, including the possibility of a further divine incarnation. You can read O’Meara’s "Christian Theology and Extraterrestrial Life" at

Back in the Middle Ages, Dominican friar Tommaso Campanella said that extraterrestrial civilizations would not have suffered from “original sin” but perhaps of another type of sin proper to them. Tommaso Campanella, along with another Dominican friar, Giordano Bruno were some of the proponents of the "plurality of worlds." For some of his views, Bruno was burned at the stake but the Church has recognized that as a mistake.

The Jesuit Father Domenico Grasso theologian at the Pontificial University of Rome said “Why would all the perfection that God granted so vastly to the universe be hidden without declaring His glory? Who writes a book that is never going to be read?” He also mentioned famous German theologian and Dominican priest Joseph Pohle who in 1904 wrote “Celestial Worlds and Their Inhabitants.” 

Father Pohle wrote “It seems that the purpose of the universe is for its celestial bodies to be inhabited by beings that reflect God’s Glory in the beauty of their bodies and worlds just as man does it in a limited way in his world.” Commenting on that position Domenico Grasso adds “But these are not angels since angels are pure spiritual beings and can only perceive matter indirectly, just as we can only perceive the world of spirit indirectly.” As a comment I’ll add that, here a distinction is being made between “pure spirits” or incorporeal angels and other types of material beings. And, technically-speaking, since humans can also be considered as material “angels” in the sense of messengers doing good and acting in the name of God, technically-speaking this could be extended to at least some possible extraterrestrial varieties according to their orientations and actions.

XIX Century erudite priest Januarius de Concilio in his book “Harmony Between Science and Revelation” also wrote in favor of extraterrestrial beings as creatures “with intelligent substances united to some type of body.”

Father Theodore Zubek in his article "Theological Questions on Space Creatures" published in 1961 The American Ecclesiastical Review said that the extraterrestrial beings not mentioned in the Holy Scriptures are also not forbidden by them. This recognizes that many things that can be discovered are not necessarily mentioned in the Bible nor precluded by it. Zubek posited that extraterrestrial beings not descending from Adam and his sin would not inherit original sin.

The Dean of the "School of Sacred Theology" of Catholic UniversityFather Francis J. Connell wrote the essay titled "Flying Saucers and Theology" and said “It is good for Catholics to know that the principles of their faith are entirely compatible with the most incredible possibilities about life in other planets.”

Sor Ilia Delio, a Franciscan nun, theologian and scientist accepts the likely extraterrestrial presence in the cosmos and tries to reconcile this and science with faith by creating a new cosmology which she calls “EXOCHRISTOLOGY.” Please read "Christ and Extraterrestrial Life" and see "The Christian Life in Evolution" (video en inglés):

Attorney Daniel Sheehan who was General Counsel for the Jesuit Order in the U.S. between 1975-1977 recently predicted that the Vatican would disclose knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence after Pope Francis “Laudato Si” encyclical focused on protecting the Earth ‘s life forms and ecology and condemning excessive, abusive capitalism. His prediction was misstated as saying that he knew the Pope would disclose the ET presence in June, 2015. It was confounded with Mr. Sheehan also speaking about the Jesuit’s general scientific and theological “call” to prepare for the probably discovery of life outside Earth (one of the reasons for which the 2009 astrobiology conference was organized by the Pontificial Academy of Science and the Vatican Observatory). Mr. Sheehan is quite actively participating with New Paradigm Institute in which theological ecumenical conversations preparing for the eventual confirmation of intelligent extraterrestrial presence are taking place.

“The Octave of Worldviews and the Philosophical, Theoretical and Public Policy Implications of Extraterrestrial Contact by Daniel Sheehan”:
The following is an interesting conference by Mr. Sheehan about his involvement with the UFO subject and the preceding issues

Whether the Church (does anyone represent “The Church” as a whole?) is – under some circumstances - speaking about human-type aliens, I don’t know but I doubt it. Perhaps contactee and mystic George Adamski did indeed meet with Pope John XXII as he claimed and perhaps that Pope indeed met with human-looking extraterrestrials as his personal secretary Loris Francesco Capovilla is reported to have reminisced, but I don’t have the actual source of that information.

Perhaps some theologians would be able to uphold their faith while considering that the “angels” allegedly encountered by Abraham were flesh and blood and human-looking beings and not “pure spirits.”  I don’t know but I truly hope so as many human-looking ETs (albeit not necessarily all of them) would (according to various contactees) make good friends of the Earth-human family. It would also be easier to initiate contacts with them. Furthermore, I hope that the likelihood of an actual extraterrestrial presence already on Earth is officially (rather than covertly) dealt with besides dealing with the extraterrestrial issues only being backed up by formal astrobiological discoveries.

In Catholic theology and in the theology of other monotheistic religions human creation is considered to be a unique event and in the Catholic tradition, a creation deserving “salvation” by God’s only begotten Son. But what is the deep meaning of "salvation? How far can our interpretations go? Can other beings – similar and not similar to the human form – be legally considered “human?”

If intelligent extraterrestrial life is discovered either through the exploits of astrobiology, contacteeism, SETI, official disclosure, grassroots contact and “citizen diplomacy” efforts or if "they" (the ETs) make themselves known, theology and doctrine will have to accommodate that reality. In doing so, a more common integrative ground will possibly have to be found sharing essential ideas from various religious doctrines and spiritual, scientific, esoteric and philosophical ideologies. A common basis will have to be found to coordinate apparently incommensurable ideas.

Some Personal Evolving Evaluations

I do NOT think that "Jesus was an extraterrestrial" or that "extraterrestrials are going to replace God" or easily accept similarly superficially said blanket statements about the theological implications of discovering extraterrestrial life and - in particular - intelligent, rational, technological extraterrestrial life (however advanced they might be with respect to us). Instead, I think that we need to think more carefully about all these matters. We need to learn to think integratively, with greater nuance, finding a shared essence, shared metaphysical principles, common patterns, connecting (not reducing or subsuming the major tenets of spiritual traditions) under an integrative methodology.

What I agree along with some other theologians is that articles of faith will not be thrown into the bin. Instead, they would expand and mature in order to include the discovery of rationally intelligent extraterrestrial life and of other forms of life in general (a “second Genesis” even if not related to self-conscious, rational and technically proficient life?).
Even if it were true that extraterrestrials intervened our genetics in our past, that wouldn't mean that they would replace God or that God doesn't exist or that Creation didn't happen because, as contingent beings, the former would act "in time" and the latter (GOD) "outside of time" or rather, "sub specie aeternitatis" "under the category of eternity." Thus, metaphysically-speaking, God (a lofty, non-dual, understanding of this term as Source of all being and existence) would have “created” and, still, continuously creates unchanged, “dreaming the cosmos” (Panentheistically and as per our mental understanding within time).

God would have also created extraterrestrials who may have the capacity to choose to forget their deepest connections with Source, thus to err or to "sin" with various degrees of depth (making spiritual mistakes) thus thinking or acting in ways that may strengthen or dilute their closeness to God.

They would certainly not be perfect and some would be closer to God's ways than others but - logically speaking - all would truly be our brothers as other intelligent beings dependent on the same Absolute (our common Source) for their contingent existence. However, what would also have to be considered is (from a Catholic perspective) if "original sin" (beyond a literal interpretation) would only apply to Earth humans, to all other types of "humans" (beings capable of rational choice) in the Cosmos and furthermore, if the Logos only manifested in all the vastness of the Cosmos as Jesus Christ on Earth. Or perhaps, a Thomas O’Meara suggests we shouldn't limit what the Logos can or cannot do, as the Logos can manifest/incarnate through any other limited rational being/also-spiritual-master-and-prophet (in human or perhaps even non-human form) as need be for the spiritual salvation of other specific planetary civilizations. Thus, in a way, the same reconnecting, salvific Intelligence manifesting through different relative, contingent rational vessels could be considered as applicable to extraterrestrial civilizations according to context as need be.  

By reading the theological positions of several theologians as the ones previously listed, I think that (in case either “the Vatican,” another institution, world events or someone else of world recognition and stature reveals the extraterrestrial presence) the concept of humanity’s uniqueness, original sin, and the role of Jesus Christ’s "salvation" will have to evolve, include more, go to the utmost mystical depths of their dogmas and complexify, transcending monotheist Christian traditions and other monotheist traditions in order to allow a conversation integrative space for all benevolent spiritual earthly traditions, also considering the existence of extraterrestrials once it is also recognized that they are neither simply good or evil “pure spirits” nor that all of them are alike.

Regarding who is to be considered as “HUMAN,” the issue goes beyond biology and I think that several theologians (including Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno and Dominican theologian Thomas O’Meara, both inspired by Thomas Aquinas) would agree that it is alright to extend this category to extraterrestrials not only if they are rational but if – as children of the same Source - we and God can befriend, admire, respect and… LOVE them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


THE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DENIAL as per DISCLOSURE of the likelihood or actuality of an intelligent extraterrestrial presence is crucial to work not only with public and clandestine government knowledge about ETs but with scientists. 70 years + since the beginning of the "modern era of UFOs" have come and gone. It is still not openly discussed in scientific symposiums or in the political arena. What is taking place? In politics and daily life irrational attitudes, social pressures and fears dominate the human mind overcoming the rational. We need to acknowledge this in order to improve and do more of "what is right." It is painfully obvious that evidence of an "extraterrestrial visitation" actually taking place is not properly assessed by most scientists. They don't look at it carefully with the tools of their trade and, if they become cognizant of a unique, non- conventional event; one which can't escape their cognitive filters, it is often referred to as being "impossible," or is explained away with a silly alternative hypothesis. Some may simply non-scientifically repeat the mantra "there is no rational explanation for it." Sometimes they may even say "there cannot possibly be a rational explanation for it" (because it doesn't fit with their accepted theories). Thus, what happened can be conveniently dismissed and forgotten. The big mistake is to assume that only that which fits with conventional scientific theories can "make sense" or have rational explanations. But if following the spirit of scientific endeavors, they should know better. This means that it is an attitude problem. A denial of things otherworldly. Even some UFO and contact experiencers repeat these phrases referring to what happened to them, as if they followed the "reasonable and logical" scientists' examples. But for most scientists it is more than a mistaken way of speaking and thinking based on a fleeting and flexible attitude. It is an interiorized membership requirement; a group-implied requirement; required doctrinal and dogmatic thinking helping them maintain their self-identities, livelihood and social standing among peers. Privately considering we are already "being visited" (perhaps after a major, shocking, eye-opening experience) is one thing. Denying it as much as possible to maintain cognitive coherence with the premises of a social group we have identified with is another. We need to be more understanding with the facts of social pressure and cognitive dissonance to try to move beyond the current 70 year old + impasse. All of us are subject to social pressures, the same psychological integrity needs and IRRATIONAL biases associated with maintaining that integrity or coherence. This creates much unnecessary conflict in the world and needs to be acknowledged. In terms of the really anomalous aspects of the UFO situation which seem to be intelligently guided and (due to a variety of serious evidence discussed elsewhere) in terms of the rational likelihood that we are in fact being 'visited' by non terrestrial (perhaps multi dimensionally-transdimensionally and spacetime controlling) intelligences, we need to create safe, face-saving, credible, environments for individuals associated with major modern institutions who want to "come out of the closet" and freely explore non-conventional possibilities. As per conventional research environments, re-considering situations about life in the cosmos moves very slowly; perhaps as it should be inasmuch as the type of data most scientists are willing to admit as interesting and valid within their social environments. For instance, a recent issue of an Astrobiology Journal shows that some scientists are re-considering 1976 Viking data, in fact re-considering findings and suggesting that there MIGHT be extant microbial life on Mars after all. In conventional quarters, just thinking about this possibility can also be considered a step forward and adds to the general realization that LIFE may be more probable and perhaps even ubiquitous in the cosmos. The worlds of scientists and experiencers is inching closer together but how may this process be accelerated? "The Case for Extant Life on Mars and Its Possible Detection by the Viking Labeled Release Experiment" Gilbert V. Levin, Patricia Ann Straat Astrobiology. Oct 2016: 798-810

Friday, October 14, 2016

Dr. Carl Sagan's Calculations for Extraterrestrial Visitation More Relevant Today

There was a time (1962) when well-respected Professor Carl Sagan dare consider more openly the possiblity that we had been visited by extraterrestrial expeditions.  He thought there might be physical traces of such visits that perhaps took place sometime in the past. His proposals could be considered thought-provoking but "safe" for maintaining conventional culture as he might have already been "in" on secret information about UFOs as his colleague physicist, astronomer and astronaut Brian O'Leary suggested.

Later on, Dr. Sagan seemed (at least in public) to become more skeptical about what could be called "current visitation" themes basically dismissing UFOs (and perhaps, along with this, witness-contactee and other reports) sometimes saying that there was "no shred of evidence."  

Regardless, with an equation he presented in 1962 at the American Rocket Society (N = R FP NE FL FI FC L ) he hypothesized that perhaps at
least 1 million of the 100 billion stars (then estimated) in our Milky Way galaxy
would have planets with developed civilizations capable of
travelling between the stars.

"Let's say that each of these civilizations sends out one
interstellar expedition per year," he said.

"That means that every star, such as our sun, would be visited
at least once every million years. In some systems where these
beings found life, they would make more frequent visits.
There's a strong probability, then, that they have visited
earth every few thousand years."

"It is not out of the question that artifacts of these visits
still exist or even that some kind of base is maintained,
possibly automatically, within the solar system, to provide
continuity for successive expeditions."

As of today (2016) we have discovered that there are many more stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and that also most stars have planets. Moreover, it has been recently discovered that even the closest star (Proxima Centauri) quite possibly has an Earth-like planet situated in its "Goldi locks" region where water can remain in liquid form.

Thus, the probability calculated by Professor Sagan for intelligent extraterrestrial visits - if calculated today under his  "equation" presented in 1962- would even be far greater. Even if he were to continue dismissing UFO, whistleblower, experiencer-contactee, and documentary evidence, he would logically be inclined to emphasize more strongly the search for evidence of such visits.

To read an interview done to scientist-astronaut and Dr. Sagan's university colleague Dr. Brian O'Leary go to:  Among several interesting viewpoints, there you'll find a few of Dr. Leary's insinuations that Dr. Sagan knew more about UFOs and current extraterrestrial visitations that what is often considered.

The debatable Brookings Institution assessment that - according to human experience - civilization would be in peril if a more advanced intelligent extraterrestrial presence appeared before us (or - as an extension of the argument - were officially admitted) plays into the continuity of the a formal excuse for maintaining a pre-existing attitude (also connected with a general discomfort with 'things otherworldly' specially in current "rational" modern society).

Even if civilization collapse were one of the plausible (but debatable) "academic" reasons for the cover-up and/or "truth embargo" (acknowledging decades of expensive, unsupervised, inconstituional research activities and besides exclusive corporate and military advantages provided by advanced technology not corresponding to our conventional present in our timeline) and, even if we can't release weaponizable advanced technology to a politically atomized world of irrational, contending extremists, not knowing about the science and metaphysics of connectivity harmonizing consciousness, quantum physics and relativity while shedding greater fundamental information about the human species deepest cosmic roots and potentials could be much worse in the long run.  This is because our understanding about reality processed under competing ideological-doctrinal camps doesn't correspond to the complex interconnected reality we are facing not only in our current political-economic-ecological world complexified by technology but in relation to the multi dimensional and extraterrestial presence becoming more evident.

 Instead of stubbornly reinforcing exclusivistic, ideological-doctrinal, cultural interpretation camps under increasingly self-destructive "win-lose," "either-or" and "Real Politik" logics falling into the trap of reactionary anti-intellectual backwardness, a greater percentage of us need to come to realization that "business as usual" is non-adaptive and that reconciliation is necessary for freedom and the continuity of civilization; thus change our attitudes, come to recognize multiple partial truths as truths which can be harmonized and integrated under deeper epistemic and metaphysical universal patterns based on Non-Duality.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


I believe that UNACKNOWLEDGED: AN EXPOSÉ (a promising documentary chuckful of mind-opening information promoted by Dr. Steven Greer) can be an important, necessary step forward to change minds and validate the likely reality that we are indeed being "visited" and interacting with non-human entities possessing advanced technology. Through serious testimony and information as in the documentary we may perhaps collectively come to a "tipping point" in which acknowledging the possibility of extraterrestrial multidimensional visitation may not be such a taboo subject among conventional political and cultural leaders as it is today. However, we must also see such issues under the need for much greater human adaptation to a non-linear complexity and as the need for a practical, yet more connective way of thinking necessary to overcome our excessive insistence on the primitive, isolation, group-think and selfish drives, including selective fractional thinking, encompassing our polarized politics as usual. And we would need to do this (something tantamount to initiating a new historical path) not just to deal with what our socio-political-ecological world has become but also to adapt and constructively participate with a larger reality not limited to what could be termed our business-as-usual "3D," linear thinking.

For open contact with older, non-earth civilizations and worldwide use of their technologies to safely take place, we must first empathically coalesce on how we relate with each other, creating new and more stable national and international political structures and processes for us to be able to flourish as a unified species within greater complexity. In my view, all this should be done before zero point energy - which can be weaponized - is allowed to reach everyone. We need to be able to live according to larger connective patterns in relation to social, economic and ecological complexity within our planet before being able to handle the complexity of our local reality in relation to a vaster cosmic community. It seems something too idealistic but I think that we have the potential and inherent flexibility to actually learn to cooperate this much and actually do it. But we need to learn who we are and what are the depeer connective patterns that may underscore and simplify the complexities.

We must also improve current democratic, political and economic systems in order to replace unending "economic GDP growth" as the unquestionable recipe for prosperity and we need to promote more educated political bases capable of wiser political choices, The People, of conservative and liberal bents understanding of each other's roles and more protective of "the commons" instead of allowing more of the same short-term politics of mutual cancellation, personal interest in which ignorance, prejudice and divisive thinking patterns are emotionally and irrationally manipulated.

However, because we need to collectively KNOW WHO WE ARE in much more detail in order to modify and improve our cultural fundamentals, coming together by connecting multiple core truths in order to achieve greater human and multi species freedom and justice, I still support DISCLOSURE and, with it, a major universal educational program on the truth of what is happening and known regarding human origins, and the overall multi-reality, multi dimensional - "transdimensional" structuring of the Cosmos whose origins still rest in a Non-Dual, Absolute Sacred Source, Ground of Being or Intelligent, Conscious Presence/God/Truth.

And, in order to foster seeing ourselves as a unified species, we also need to find out who we are in relation to a complex, interrelated, multi-level (and today mostly covert) extraterrestrial presence that - like us - also depends on this Non-Dual, Absolute Sacred Source, Ground of Being or Intelligent, Conscious Presence/God/Truth. While, on the one hand Disclosure could be destabilizing (especially in a political environment in which politicians are unable or unwilling to deal with crucially, important, long-term issues), it also becomes absolutely necessary to re-think and expand what we know or think we know in order to change course and be able to create a reconciling integrative society.

Through recognizing that our interpretive worlds are inssufficient, we must "wake up" to set aside our excessively invalikdating mutual denials and obssesive criticisms of each other's partial truths and each other's real or imagined mistakes, intentions and differences, including the historical xenophobic lack of trust and fear of each other. And do this we must to support the good each one of us is trying to achieve in this world with a healing attitude under transdiciplinary and integratively discriminating principles to "connect the dots" coming to appreciate how many (but not all) multiple truths and differences are interrelated aspects of a greater, intelligently organized Whole.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Exopolitical and Integralist Comments on Steve McIntosh's "Why Centrism Fails and How We can Better Achieve Political Cooperation""

My Comments on Steve McIntosh's "Why Centrism Fails and How We can Better Achieve Political Cooperation" whose link is found at

Steve McIntosh offers a clear and excellent understanding of the current political and ideological quandaries from an evolutionary, integrative perspective and, in my view, his proposals for creatively reconciling polarized ideological camps make sense. I also think that the integrative approach is the coming solution to the excess of polarization endangering society and governing, that is, unless dominant holon-like social factions escaping checks and balances, unless unacknowledged shadows lingering between social developmental levels constituting various types of hidden, unchecked power groups behind the scenes prove so formidable as to subvert the normal cultural evolutionary process.

We must allow faith-based, traditionalist findings to be recognized by modern and post modern ideologues and vice versa. In fact, there already exist values in common but the heroic defense of each other's valid truths or positions blinds in a cognitively disconnecting manner.

Upon overcoming the unnoticed hubris within incipient integrality, unable to see how it has also blocked away important truths from previous stages, I must say that the "Values Integration" path deftly proposed by Steve McIntosh (primarily based upon Ken Wilber's Integral Theory) is not a form of mediocre centrism sometimes understood as a lackluster Middle Ground often indistinctly catering to power and corruption or even to democratic principles as required. Rather, it is more like Aristotle's dynamic and virtuous Golden Mean which can constitute a synergistic, dynamic integration of the best society-building values from different ideological factions accompanied by the negation of the mutual negation of each other's positive values along with their negative ones as practiced today in a dogmatic fashion by polarized ideological social factions.

In fact, for quite some time, I had also been thinking along the same lines but find McIntosh's exposition quite clear and to the point. Seriously recognizing the positive contributions of all cultural ideological factions and associated developmental levels (even previous and beyond the named traditionalist, modernist and postmodernist stages) will also be a "test of integrality." I say this because there still linger important issues that are not well-considered within the integral movement which tends to be too closely aligned with acceptable issues found in cultural evolutionary stages close to the post postmodern. Thus, denials and or suppression or the submersion as subject of what could have been recognized as object a long time ago in important pre-modern traditionalist religious and pre-traditionalist religious stages have also been incorporated in the incipient integral stages of development. But this needs to change in order to provide a truly inclusive integral stage. Divine intervention and the otherworldly are both genuine and necessary issues for a comprehensive Meta Theory that reunites subjectivity and objectivity in the collective and individual across body, mind and spirit.

Besides income inequality, another shadow that lingers on from pre-integral stages is the formation of a kind of de facto oligarchy also hijacking and distorting the normal modern political process to a significant degree, a situation in which many of the largest corporations, the financial sector and some of most powerful families have gained an excessive ascendancy over The People as a multivariate analysis conducted by political scientists Gilens and Page demonstrated.

Besides this, there's the denial and the potential effects of recognizing what truly seems to be the existence of an assorted multi-realm-utilizing, non-human, intelligent presence associated to the truly mysterious aspects of the UFO phenomenon, something which has been either purposefully denied or suppressed due to modern social taboo and/or denied/misunderstood/vilified by some pre-modern, religious fundamentalists. Accepting of the ET presence and/or disclosing this semi-covert presence interacting with thousands (or perhaps millions) worldwide will - naturally - be interpreted according to the various pre-integral developmental perspectives in both positive and negative terms. Furthermore, secret, highly compartmentalized and officially non-existent research on this issue may be related to power groups partially or almost completely outside the purview of normal politics and constitutional checks and balances conforming what Historian Richard Dolan proposes as a "break-away civilization."

Finally, the potential for major enhancements in understanding about the nature of reality in connection to non-human, intelligence is applicable to religions, history, the social sciences, philosophy, law and the hard sciences is significant and not only possibly disruptive but also likely (and perhaps necessary) to stimulate a faster transition into a truly Integral or integrative, "post postmodern" phase.

An integrative recognition of the non-human intelligent presence associated with UFOs is necessary, but also a recognition in the Integrative, post postmodern community leading the way towards cultural reconciliation and a brighter future. This is crucial to assist the healthy intersubjective processing and integration of such a reality among all ideological sectors.

But the Integrative approach also has to evolve, recognizing the importance of the many faces of the otherworldly that was rejected in various ways across the so- called mythic-religious and modern stages of cultural development. This will allow the Integral Movement to wake up from its own unrecognized "myths" and shadows about the past (and hiding crucial aspects of the past), still too closely interpreted under modern and postmodern consciousness, premises, beliefs and methods.

Giorgio Piacenza